Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trust me: You Must Listen To Your Mama Ok!

First thing first: Happy Mother's Day to all the mums in the WWW (Whole Wide World)! Yes. Today is the special day right? The "D Day" for all the mothers in the world. Why not? After all, our mothers have worked so damn hard for us all these while. They have toiled for us; they have "broken" their bones for us...they have done every single thing imaginable for us. But then again, do we have this knack to only "recognised" our poor mothers deeds ONLY on this faithful Sunday every year? On second thought, I sincerely thing that this is simply a mockery to our mothers! Won't you agree folks? But...then again...all this shows us how ungrateful some of us are...

OK...enough ranting! Let's move to My Chronicles...

Woke up quite early today. Actually my wife was the earliest to rise on this special day. She went to the supermarket and grabbed The Star before heading to the coffee shop and bough a few "kuih" for her mother-in-law. After I had "rinsed" my face, off I drove, 7km to the hawker stall to buy Duck Noodle for my dearest Mommy. Yupe! It is her favourite meal. And of course it is mine too. I'm sure Mum had a sumptuous ducky breakfast. Besides I have also grabbed some flowers for her. Ha:D Then around 10a.m. bro and me embarked to different destinations to give mum another few pleasant surprises!

Will you do this? :D

Brother went to the nearest MacDonald to buy mom's all-time favourite-->The double-coated chicken nuggets. Damm! That's my favourite at McD too. *Likewise I travelled 10KM to Jusco and bought mum's ideal snacks-Colonel Sander's KFC! Yes. Then I grabbed a packet of top-notch, aromatic-fleshy durians for mum. Mum loves to eat our Malaysian's King of Fruits with rice! At around 11a.m. mum has so many yummy meals at her disposal. There were MacDonald's Nuggets, KFC's spicy chickens, Italy's Chocolate-cheese cake that dear wife and me bought yesterday, durians, ice-creams, Belgian Chocolates bought from Sogo etc. ... So many delicacies to feast on. Mum must be darn happy huh! But...the only thing missing is Mommy dearest. Yes...MOMMY is not here anymore...

This is the card that we gave mum today!

Mommy has left me alone...She returned to the God Almighty last year. This is the first time in 23 years that I couldn't celebrate Mother's Day with her; this is the first time in 23 years that I woke up, knowing that Mommy is no longer by my side; this is the first time in 23 years I couldn't wish my mom, "Happy Mother's Day!"; this is the first time in 23 years I can't hugged my mum and kiss her; this is the first time I can't tell her, "I love you Mommy!" Last year was the last time for everything...

Mommy! I will always love you!

*Tears running down my face when I came back from Jusco. While I was riding my bike...I just can't stop thinking about mum. I miss my mum's hug, I miss her smiles, I miss her laughter; I miss her...more than words can describe. She's been my everything! No one can replace her in my heart. Till today...I still cry; till today...I still yearn for my mum's love. I'm still crestfallen! Call me a "softy" or whatever you want...but at times I really can't swallow the fact-the brutal, harsh truth...that mum is gone...forever...

I promise you Mama!

Sometimes...I really hope I can turn back time. I wish I could go back in time and help my mum to undergo more frequent medical check that the fu*king cancer can be detected earlier!  But I couldn't. I'm just mere mortals!!! I'm useless and I feel so helpless. How I wish I could replace my mum; why didn't the cancer take me? WHY??? My mum deserved to live more than me...I really, really don't understand! How I wish all these are just a long, dreadful nightmare. And when I snapped out of it mum is still here. But no...I woke up today...mum is not here...this is not a is for real...

The photo frame that I made 11 years ago...

You know what???...I'm fu*king pissed off when I encounter children or youth quarrelling with their mothers. Damm! Don't they know how to respect their moms who brought them up? I feel like smacking them right on their pretty faces; I feel like beating the hell out of them. Don't they know how to treasure their moms? Why can't they just shut up and listen to their moms? Look at me...I'm motherless right now. I can't listen to my beloved mum anymore. So trust me everyone...please, please trust me...

You must listen to your Mama Ok!

Listen to your Mama! Don't hurt her. For you'll never know what will happen tomorrow. It's midnight right now. I'm still trying to live with it. So, treasure you mom before...she's gone ok. I believe...mum is still with me. I could feel her deep in my heart. For I have immortalised my beloved Mama! Mum...I know you could still hear me...I know you are up there with Ah Ma and Ah Kong! I just wanna tell you that I'll be good boy. I love you Mama! I will always love you! Anyway I wanna share with you guys one of my all-time favourite song: May I present to you...Jay Chou's 听妈妈的话 (Listen To Your Mama!)

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