Monday, April 27, 2009

What? Sex Affair Just To Get Back At Parents?

I can't believe this! I am so disgusted right now. DAMM! I heard a few of my colleagues discussed this earlier just now. And when I came back after fixing my purportedly punctured tyre, I flipped through The Star and I was extremely perplexed to stumbled a news that reads, "Sex Affair Just To Spite Parents." What the F*Ck! Great! Now teens are abusing the so-called-->"My parents are neglecting me, so I have sex!" reason to get back at their parents for their inattention! Some girls aged between 12 and 15 years old even claimed that they are having underage sex just because they "wanted revenge" on their parents. Crap! Total crap! Nowadays some girls are just downright cheap and other words...BITCHES!


I'm sorry for the rather improper language...but then again I just can't put a lid on my anger right now. Yes! Some of their parents might really neglected them in one way or another. But do you think these girls should really "avenge" their parents' negligence by having sex? Crap right? They are just making excuses in order to have the pleasure of flesh. Yeah! It is they, themselves who wanted to get screwed and then put the blamed on their parents. These whores parade their flesh and then point their fingers at their old folks.


Some parents did not intend to neglect their children on purpose. Some parents have to toil day and night, round the clock to make a living for their children. Is this how some children repay their parents? Is this how they show their gratitude? Instead of cherishing their parents endeavours, they even recriminate the poor folks. Some girls just don't know how to take care of themselves and hence fell into the cluthes of those unscrupulous men or boys who are waiting to ppunce on them! So girls beware: nowadays you can't easily believe in any men or boys, for they might be preys-they are wolves masking themselves with lamb skins in order to approach you! Keep your distance girls, it's better safe than sorry!

Below is the newspaper "cutting" from The Star!

More underage girls are having sex to get back at their parents for neglecting them.This startling information was revealed by police who said that the girls had initially claimed they were raped but later admitted to have consented to sex with their boyfriends.Statistics compiled since 2005 showed that the number of girls below 16 years old who are sexually active has been increasing every year.

The study also revealed that an alarming 60% of girls between the ages of 13 and 15 had sex because they “wanted revenge” on their parents. Sex with a girl aged under 16 is classified as statutory rape under the Penal Code.The girls, largely from urban areas, confessed that they had befriended men as they were angry with their parents for subjecting them to emotional and physical “abuse”.While some had sex with men just to get back at their parents, others were coerced into it by the very men they had turned to for solace, said Asst Comm Suguram Bibi Munshi Deen, head of the Sexual Abuse and Children’s Division at Bukit Aman.

Noting that teen rape had risen since 2005, she said that the victims – mostly from cities and major towns in Selangor, Johor and Kedah – usually ended up pregnant.“We are not pointing a finger or exposing the private lives of families but the public must realise what is happening,” said ACP Suguram Bibi.“Children, teenagers and youths are our future leaders and we as adults, parents or guardians must guide and instil in them right and proper values.”

Do you want this to happen to you?

Statistics from 2005 to 2008 showed 75% of the rape victims were below 18 years old and at least 60% of the girls were below 16. Boys below 18 made up between 8.4% and 13.6% of the “rapists”.The study also showed that teenagers got bored easily, craved attention or wanted the freedom to express themselves.ACP Suguram Bibi said parents should educate sons to respect the opposite sex and not take advantage of them.“We also found that some boys were challenged by their peers and forced to commit sex acts to prove that he was one of the gang and to stop being ridiculed.”She advised parents to understand the law better and welcomed inquiries from anyone on investigation procedures in sexual assault cases.

Girls, ladies and women....please, please take good care of yourselves ok. Never try to vent your anger or frustration by losing your virginity; trading your flesh or worse still, you might be gang-raped! The choice is yours. Don't do anything that might tarnish your future. Because everything that goes around will comes around and eventually your past will haunt your future!

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