Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Review Is Featured In Wowzio Testimonials Page

Recently I have been getting a lot of traffic from a particular website! I am curious and hence I checked these stats using stat counters. Boy am I surprised to find out that these new source of traffic comes from a reputable website. And it is all because I had wrote a review about the company's widgets previously. Sometimes it pays to write something huh; and they the deeds will be reciprocrated. I discovered a lot of these viral hits come from wowzio's testimoinals page. Yikes! I am shell-shocked myself. I never thought this would happen. And that testimonial page is a PageRank 6 page!!! WOW!

Thank you Wowzio!

So I would hereby want to extend my gratitude to the people in Wowzio for selecting my review out of the thousands (perhaps millions) of blogs/websites. And my review is the 3rd in the Articles and Review section. Yupe, my Six Scintillating Wowzio's Widgets For Your Blog! post is featured. So again I wanna say thank you to Wowzio for honouring me a place in their testimonials page. Though I might taken down later, at least right now I am benefiting from it. Ha :D

These are the 6 Wowzio widgets for ProBlogger Blog feed

7 Reasons Why You Should get Wowzio's widgets!
  1. It's FREE-No T&C.
  2. Hastle FREE-No registration needed.
  3. Easy Setup-There are only 5 steps needed to set it up.
  4. Light weight-It won't slow your blog/website down.
  5. Variety-6 widgets to choose from.
  6. Updated Hourly-so no delays.
  7. Engage Your Audience-And of course readership will increase

P.S.: All in all I'm very happy to be featured. It is an honour man! Create your very wowzio widgets guys! Try it and you'll love it.

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