Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top 3 Male BASHING Songs of The Moment!

Yeah! Currently there's this bursting sentiment against the Andros or the red-blooded (aka male)! Every where, every stations are airing these songs about how stupid, how idiotic, how helpless men are. Rightly so? I'm not so sure about that. Perhaps the songwriters (presumably women) of these songs had some bad experience with the guys? Or perhaps some broken backs inspires these quaint tune? Or...maybe, just maybe sime dude sort of repented and came out with these numbers? Whatever it is, I must say that I enjoy them very much. At least they are catchy and make some extend of course...

So what are the TOP 3 male BASHING songs of the moment??? No doubt you have heard them unless you are not a music fan. They are...

1~Beyonce's If I Were A Boy
Makes me really wonder why would Beyonce sing this song? Perhaps Jay Z doesn't give her enough TLC (Tender Loving Care)? But I thought they just got married? They ran out of steam so soon? Can't Beyonce satiate her husband appetite...ot the vice versa? I bet Jay Z's favourite line is-"If you were me!"??? Or Beyonce was actually a guy? OMG! Those things dangling around were fakes? Just kidding!

If I Were A Boy

2~Britney's Womanizer
This song marked Britney's remarkable comeback from the bottomless pit! She is never a great singer. But rather she is always in the limelight for the wrong reasons. After being screwed by Justin, Britney tried to even the score by marrying her childhood friend. Well of course that 55 hours marriage didn't work! Out of the sudden Federline came into the picture and "saved" Britney. Again...just when everything seems to be happily-ever-after, things started to fall apart for the slutty Spears again...and I believe Womanizer is "customized" for Kevin.

The lusty Womanizer

3~Rihanna's Take A Bow
This 21-years-old Barbadian has really spread her wings since she broke free from her cocoon 4 years ago. And she'll be performing in Malaysia soon if Malaysia's dim-witted PAS's effort to foil her concert failed. I'm sure we'll be able to outdo the chowderheaded PAS supporters. Then...they are the ones who will take a bow! Wait...what about Chris Brown? Did he took a bow too?

Take Your Bow

So did you viriles (males) feel bashed by these songs? How about you colleens (ladies) out there? Feel a little better? Did you draw any inspiration from them? Anyway they are just songs right? Hope you guys enjoy it.

P.S.: Daily Motion was used because YouTube is fast-becoming too...restricted...

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