Sunday, January 18, 2009

In The End...I Gotcha Mickey!

Another 8 more days or so, the reign of rodents will come to an end! After shadowing our lives for 347 days, we can finally bid bon voyage to them soon. Yes, the year of Mickey is almost over. After dogging us and caused a plethora of uncertainties in the year 2008, the coming Ox promises to bring some new lease of life for many! Can the Oxen promises the bullish effect that we all have been yearning? Can the precariousness that gloom our days in 2008 deminish with the advent of the bulls? Hopefully right?

Happier times...

But in my home, Mickey's tyranny has ended quite prematurely! Yes, after he had run riot in my kitchen I decided I would put the breaks on him even before his time! You see, a lucky mouse somehow managed to squeeze itself into my kitchen! Quite stealthy I would say. This culprit has eaten the leftovers in the bin...and very generously it left some souvenirs for us-its fragrance "dung"! Yeah! The stench was so unbearable and the sight of its excretion made me don't want to know!

The food here is great right Mickey?

After some brainstorming...I came out with a plan to catch Mickey! I have to say that I was very fortunate indeed because they wouldn't take baits too easily nowadays. But it looked that greed had gotten the better of him...

This was what I got for Mickey!

The yummy-licious glue!

The flesh-ripping "claw"!

Aw...I can smell it...
finger lickin' ANCHOVY!

Are you sure?

Is that your final answer?

Are you positive?

Okay, let's see if you are right...




Yeah! It's the stinking GLUE!

Looks like Mickey got himself into this sticky situation huh! Serve him right! So what's the moral of this story? I don't want to know...

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