Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Warning: Spy Cam In Midvalley's Ladies' Toilet

I was just too dumbstruck upon receiving this email from a friend of mine. I'm sorry to tell you this: YES! There are SPY CAMS watching over us (especially the ladies) when we are half naked! And this happened to be at MIDVALLEY! Of course not many will believe it until they saw the real photos that these villainous-perverted suckers took using the spy cams in the ladies' wash room. I asked a few of my lady friends who frequent MidValley and most of them confirmed with utter disbelief that the background of the photo look exactly like those in MidValley! That's really scary right? Now I don't think anywhere would be safe for us to answer nature's call anymore! And ladies are always being victimized by these malevolent act! So guys, take care of your wife, family members and girl friends...they are being watched...

Note: The below photos have been censored!

OMG! I feel really sorry for these ladies!

Crap! I just don't know what to say right now. I'm just downright angry I guess. I wish I could trace down the f*king culprit(s) and beat the hell out of him before handing the "animal" over to the authorities. Or maybe I can just throw them into the Singapore Zoo's White Tigers' den and let them feast on these assholes!!! Aren't watching porno over the net is enough for them? Nowadays too many people are abusing technologies for their own stupid benefits. I wonder how will the victims react when they found out about their photos on the net? I'm really sorry for them. Is like killing them, literally speaking. Gosh, I can't imagine the agony the ladies and their whole family is feeling! We really need to bring those peeping toms down on their knees!

Here are 3 ways I thing we could get rid of these insane nightmarish problems that plague us (Peeping Toms):

1~Shopping Complexes' toilets should be installed wireless spy cam detector.
Although it's a expensive to maintain, but at least it give customers a piece of mine.

2~Get yourself a spy cam detector.
Yes, it's even more handy to have one of these spy cam detectors with you when you are out in the public. You can never tell! Here are 2 spy cam detectors that I managed to find on the net (note I'm not making any money from these recommendations). I will get one for my wife too.

Left: Mini Spy Cam Detector RM160.oo. Click here to find out more!
Right: Ladies Shieldbug Rm320. Click here to find out more!

3~No toilet

Yes. I thing this is perhaps the best remedy. Drink let water and beverage. If not, stormed back home to answer your calls. It's better safe than sorry right?

Last but not least, I hope everyone will not fall victim to these sinful conduct anymore. Who knows? Perhaps they might even take these photos and blackmail you right? Then all hell will break lose...It could happened to anyone, anywhere. And it could happen to you. I don't know what to say anymore...Please, just be careful everyone. :(

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