Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Life In 25 Seconds!

We have heard the cliche: Life Is Short right? Do you agree about this? At least relatively speaking right? Our great moms conceive us, brought us into this world...our parents then educate and raise us up...we went to kindergarten, school, university and off into the working world. Later on, we'll meet the love(s) of our live, getting married, raise our own kids, growing old and...lastly RIP (Rest In Peace). Life is fascinating isn't it? Some wish to live longer, while some just wanted to end it just because an idiot dump him/her. Obviously, everyone have their own perspective about life, correct? So what's your perspective about your very own sentience?

Will Santa grant his X'mas wish?

Are you happy about what's going on in your life right now? Is everything revolving around you fulfill what you desired for? Perhaps not all "parts and parcels" of our life is to our liking right? Some enjoy theirs as if they were God's children that possess all the privileges in this world; While there are also a few who have to endure hell and nightmares during their "short stint" on earth. I'm sure they wanted to have a life cycle that only lasted for less than half a minute right? Would you fancy such brief existence? Perhaps a few centenarians would right? Then again...Life is really short. Live life too the fullest ok everyone. Enjoy the following clip! *wink* ;)

Did you guys notice that there are only 2 moments where he smiled? Yes, one is during his birth and the other is his demise. How ironic...but perhaps that's life to some right? Is yours the same too? Ha :D

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