Friday, October 3, 2008

Tekkaus' 1st 2 Awards: Brilliante Weblog Premio+Butterfly Blogger Award

After almost 10 months of blogging, I have never ever received any blogging awards from anyone. I have never thought I would receive any awards because well...I'm relatively still a newbie albeit already 10-months old. But last month (September), I have received 2 awards from 2 fellow bloggers. Although to the others...these so-called awards are nothing but a source of nuisance; but to meant a lot. Call this self-contempt, deception etc. or whatever you like...but to me is a recognition that no naysayers can take away from me. Could it be an indication that something good is about to happen? Too persumptious huh! Anyway here are the awards that Tekkaus had received...

Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008
(12th September 2008)

Butterfly Blogger Award
(30th September 2008)

Again, thank you to Two Superheroes and My Little Space for being generous enough to include me in their list. Well, as usual these awards should be passed on and bestowed on other deserving bloggers. But I believe everyone including Tekkaus' readers either they are avids or occasional ones...these awards go to you too. Without you guys, Tekkaus is nothing but a "white elephant"? Misuse of metaphor? Who cares! So I would like to dedicate these awards for those who are really passionate about blogging. But...I would really highlight a few that stand out in my mind at the moment...

The 8 Special bloggers that I really want to bestow both these awards are:

1~Apple (The Kuma-kuma freak)
2~FoongPC (The up-and-coming blogging prodigy)
3~Nessa (A very blog-active mum)
4~My Bug Life (Everything about food, travel, photos and yeah...bugs)
5~My LongKang (A very high-tech drain to read)
6~Quachee (At times, he really inspires me!)
7~Quaint Melody (The world through her lens of eyes)
8~Two Superheroes (Eating food in the speed of light)

And I would also love to dedicate both these awards to my dearest wife who have always been there for me; and my brother who has always been my protector and my information fuel-er! And not forgetting my dearest daddy and my beloved late mother who is watching over me. =)

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