Friday, October 31, 2008

My Grandma Was Murdered!

No, I'm not fabricating any story this time. And I won't even have the guts to concoct such a vile anecdote. If would be very philistine and insensitive of me to do so. I hereby repeat that what I am about to share with you guys are nothing but the brutal truth. Yes, have you guys read the newspaper for the past few days especially the Chinese dailies? If your answer is yes...most probably you had came across an article about an elderly woman who got killed in her ransacked home. And that poor unfortunate woman happened to be my grandmother. My step grandmother to be precise. She was my late mum's step mother. I'm sure my mum will be sad to know this too.

As seen in The Star (Tuesday, 28th Oct 2008. Page 29 Nation)

Yesterday I went to her funeral ceremony. It was the 5th day of her demise. Yep, she was murdered on Sunday and it took 2 days for her neighbor to notice about her missing in action. You guys must be wondering why 2 days? I'm sorry to tell you that she has been living alone for the past 10 years or more. She has 4 children (excluding the steps) but none is living with her. Isn't that sounds rather sad? True to the age-old adage that one mum can take care of 10 children but none of them can take care of their one and only mum. *sigh* As I mentioned earlier, I went to her funeral yesterday to pay my final respect for her. I was taken aback when I reached her home yesterday. It was a colossal semi-D double storey home. My mind was perplexed to thing about my late grandma staying alone in this empty house. She must be very lonely.

It could be any of them...

Now let us get into the details. Do you know that when the Tangkak policemen first arrived at the crime scene, they straightly disregard her death as an accident rather than a murder. They claimed that she some how slipped and knocked her own head so hard that led to her death. It could be if there's no 3 obvious wounds on her head. You see, the post mortem clearly revealed that she had hard blows at 3 different part of her head. Her skull was literally smashed by the barbaric, mindless culprits. And here's another big mistakes that these "smart" policemen did-they didn't restrict the crime scene. Yes, meaning that reporters, unauthorized people and even the criminals could have easily wipe out any evidence. Yeah! Our police is so damm cute. The real investigation only took place when the biggies from Bukit Aman arrived. So these policemen at Tangkak are merely "vases"?

Don't ever forget to do this.

As I was in the midst of the praying mind keep wondering why does these things happened? These criminals wouldn't even have any mercy for a 68-years-old lady. Do you think they'll have any for you? Gone are the days where we could be sound asleep without having our doors and windows bolted. Nowadays, even if you have a 5K alarm equipment installed, it still won't warrant your safety. My late step grandma did a mistake. She leave her iron gates gaping for a while...and that very mistake had caused her death. So guys...with so many foreigners (no disrespect to the goodies) dwelling around us these's really not safe anymore. Some won't even think twice to commit crime including murder especially those who came in illegally! We should really be more careful. Always remember to bolt and lock your doors and windows. It you can afford an alarm system, by all means get one. It's better to be safe than sorry!

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