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5 Awesome Ways To get Your Blog Banned

Google can be nasty!

Nowadays, everyone is dreaming of becoming a problogger. They wish they can start blogging today, quite their job tomorrow and start earning tonnes of cash from their blog(s) the day after tomorrow. Is this the new American Dream? To be a full-fledged blogger that can earn a living through the tube and net? Well, it could be but it's not a simple task. The age-old adage says it right, "Nothing worthwhile come easily!" It takes hard works and diligence. And if you reckon you can squeeze all the Google Juice using SEO strategy, then you'd better thing again! If you believe you can out-googled Google who draw upon a colossal computer network, nearly 20K employees and a US$150bil market value, good for you. Perhaps you should start your own company.

Google, the Juggernaut?

Freshly, a lot of people is taking the shorter path to reach their destination. No doubt it's always smarter to get the task done by exploiting the loopholes, but in the end the net result is negative-at your expense. Yes, the more you focus on SEO strategy, the more risky your blog will be. And when the team in Google feel that you had gone too far, you'll be shackled and the hand break will be pulled. Voila, your website or blog is officially banned for more than 2 months. Are you happy now? So still thinking of taking the easy route? Here's how you can start getting your blog banned...

When you are banned, you'll say...

5 Awesome Ways To get Your Blog Banned!

1~Sneeze Pages This is a gateway page which involves a sneeze page that rank quite well in the search engine. But upon hitting this site, you'll be "sneezed away" to another different page. Smart heh? In other words, you'll be redirected or hijacked into another page for other purposes. Perhaps a page full of ads? Or full of slimes?

2~Link Farming The word "farm" already denotes planting something to reap what you plant right? Here's where you reap what you sow concept comes in. As almost all of us know, inbound links are so darn crucial in search rankings. Hence there are a few sharp-witted "farmers" who create zombie websites/blogs for the sole purpose of linking to the actual (or main) blog. Yes, "seeds of inbound links" are planted by these "farmers" in various zombie-blogs so that they can reap the "fruit"-increased inbound links in the main blog.

3~"Invisible Ink" Actually it's not invisible. It's just that the white-colored fonts kind of blend into the white background. So you can say that it's a camouflage. Indeed very SEO-wise right? By positioning the white text in the white background, we human can't see it; But the search engines spiders will not miss it and this is surely one stealth-ty way to load a page with rank. This of course will be detected albeit a little later.

4~The Cloak of Duality Yes. By doing so, you are actually "putting a cloak over you blog's shoulder" with the sole motivation to dispatch two different contents for search engines (SE) spider and human visitors. In other words, the SE spiders will be looking at contents that are totally different from what we'll be seeing. If you are not detected, then good for you. But if the big brothers from Google confirmed that you're putting on this cloak, then you can say bye-bye to your blog for 2 months.

5~Automated Content Generation I've seen other self-proclaimed probloggers actually offering this service-Automated Content Generation (ACG). I was totally baffled to realized this. As we all know, search engines love blogs that are updated often. Meaning the more content your squeeze out, the more Google Juice (or Yahoo's etc) you'll get to "quench" your thirst for traffic. But creating new contents needs lots of time and energy. Those insightful bloggers wouldn't care much for this right? They'll bundled ACG with link farming. Since there'll be lots of zombie-blogs, hence they'll be feeding the zombie-blogs with the same "food"-contents. In the end, they resort to ACG or "web scrapping". Google can detect this and of course it's illegal to be a splogger right?

Don't cry for me...I deserve this...

So there you are. The 5 awesome ways you can get your blog(s) banned. I'm sure the SEO experts are quite aware of these "stunning" self-destruct techniques right? For those who are new, you can always try to play with this "fire"...but don't get yourself burnt too much ok. Have fun. *wink* :)

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