Monday, September 29, 2008

Lost Your Sock? Get A Throx!

What's with me?

It must be very frustrating when you are up late and in a hurry for work and school...the moment you wanted to put on you shoes, you realized something is missing-the other sock! Then you yelled at your mom, wife, sister, maid etc. "Where's the other half of my Nike sock?" Do es this happen to you? I can see some of you nodding. When the washing machine becomes a lone sock the labyrinth vortex of disappearing socks, what do you do with the lone sock that returns? Or what will you do when you see your cute little puppy munching your Adidas sock happily while gazing at you? It's time to have spare sock(s) right?

Get THROX then! San-Francisco-based Edwin Heaven designs socks in 3s so there's still a pair when one goes missing! Great idea right? Why didn't we think about this before? Too bad, this idea is taken. Anyway here's a few of the triplets which were designed by Heaven. So does this solve your missing socks problem? *wink* ;)

What if she lose one of her socks?

To find out more about Throx, click here!

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