Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indonesian Stampede-At Lease 21 Killed For US$3*

Yesterday, at least 21 people were killed in a stampede in Indonesia. And at least 11 people were injured in the chaotic crush as thousands packed the narrow side street in Pasuran, East Java province. The culprit-Cash gift of 30K rupiah (RM11 or US$3.2). Is it worth it? Thousands crowded the alley to receive cash handout for the Muslim Holy month pf Ramadan.

21 were killed for trying to receive a cash gift each from a rich family. It is understood that they fear they wouldn't be able to get the money so they started to push each other. Push here! Push there! And heck all hell break lose and the stampeded occurred! And to make the matter worse, all the deceased were women (poor ladies, what are their husbands doing? Potato couching at home?). My condolences to their families.

Mostly are women. =(

Television images of the incident showed women crying out in pain and fear as the crowd packed into a fenced area outside the family's house, with those at the back trying to push their way to the front. Damm! That's why queueing is important. Cash handouts are a common form of charity favoured by the rich and famous in Indonesians during the holy month. But their generosity seems to turned into something ugly yesterday. So indirectly these rich rats had killed 21 people? Yes, you can put it that way because there was no coordination on the organiser part. They are blameworthy.

I bet it's not a very holy month for them. My condolences to those unfortunate families. So guys, now you know why we need to queue?

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