Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cambodian's "Ratatouille"

Remy: The unique blue mouse!

I'm sure you guys have watched Ratatouille. Some of you might have mistaken it for the blue mouse's name right? We only knew what it is until we watch the movie. A few weeks ago, I asked my cousin who is currently residing in French about this ratatouille. She said Ratatouille was usually cocked as a side dish, and it goes great with read wine too!

The real ratatouille.

Okay, but this post is not about the French's Ratatouille, it's more about the Cambodian's Ratatouille. Unlike the French version which is more vege, Cambodians prefer it more meaty I would say. Are you guys ready for this? Here I present you, Cambodian's Ratatouille! *ta-da*

I thing this is a great buka puasa treat huh!

Yes, I know it look really gross. Cambodians actually eat these pests that are roaming our streets, sewage and rubbish bins. No doubt that unlike their albino cousins which are more reserved in labs, not many of us would appreciate the sight of these "blackie" rats running around us! They simply creep some of us out. And we usually associate them with disease, which is correct to some extent! But the increasing inflation plus the spike in beef meat have simply made Cambodian wiser with their money. Not a single rat will be spared. Instead of destroying them. These rats will be turned into the tasty and yummy "ratatouille".

1-Boil (to disinfect)


3-Grill them

4-Ready for sale!

And yes, these tasty snacks are good to go with wine. The cambodians especially like the garlic-flavoured rats. So these "ratatouille" not only helps to save cambodians money, but they also double up as a source of income for the locals by catching these rats and making them table-ready.

Cambodian's "Ratatouille" anyone?

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