Monday, August 18, 2008

Saiful 1-Anwar 0

The dead-lock had broken. Saiful had scored the opening goal against Anwar, finally! Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan took an oath at the Federal Territory mosque last Friday, swearing that he was sodomised by PKR adviser Anwar Ibrahim.

Is it TRUE?

Whether Saiful's move is political-minded or not is still remain to be seen. Anwar's refusal to swear has utterly made him looks rather guilty. Although the PKR de facto insist that Saiful is making a mokery out of Quran, many will question Anwar's dissent to take an oath on the Quran. Some has started to wonder if he's really a sodomizer? Is Anwar just a weakling? Except his die-hard fans, the grassroats are surely looking at the other side of pastuers right now!

Unless Anwar equalised, his future remains bleak. With the by-election just around the corner, Anwar will surely be feeling the heat. Can he multi-task his way out of this uncertainty? And Anwar himself knows that he will have an uphill task to be the next PM! Can he uses his tongue to talk his way out of this shambolic webbing? Perhaps he could.

All in all, Anwar must find the equalizer (the oath), before this match is decided by penalty shoot-out (court) which is so not favourable for him! So will he remain unscathed after the by-election? Can he out-play Saiful? Will he become the PM-at-all-cost by 16th of September? That...we have to wait...

Saiful's oath.

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