Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Malaysian Vote Here: Your Permatang Pauh Hero

Tekkaus is currently running a poll to see who is people's favourite choice to be the Permatang Pauh's champion! So for you guys who wanted to vote, please do so. The poll will be closed on 25th of August. One day before the real royal rumble!!!

Arif, Hanafi and Anwar. Who'll get your vote?

Who will it be? I know there are lots of purists of different schools. The triple threat will see Anwar, Arif and Hanafi outdo each other to wrestle the seat-of-the-moment. This coming by election is surely going to be a "seat" that could possibly determine the fate and future of Malaysia. A few months after we felt the election tsunami, we could yet feel another wave of aftermath in another 7 days.

The odds are stacking so high against Arif huh!

Who will you vote for:
1-PM-at-all-cost: Anwar?
2-BN's Scapegoat: Arif?
3-Out-of-no-where: Hanafi?

Will the ripples of "reformasi"continue or an re-adjustment is in place? Whoever the victor is, the people's interest have to be their utmost priority. And not just for their personal political agenda. Vote by beginning with the end in mind!

P.S.: If possible do leave your comment(s) on why you choose your vote. Thanks =)

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