Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear I'm Ready (almost)...

I'm almost ready dear...

You May Relate…

(7p.m.)Honey, I’m ready! (15 minutes later) Honey, you still in up there? (30 minutes later) Honey, we will be late! (1 hour later) Honey, we are late! *sigh* Sounds familiar? Did you know over their lifespan, women spend nearly 3 years getting ready to leave the house.

Before a big night out, women typically spend…

22 minutes showering,

7 minutes moisturizing

23 minutes doing their hair

14 minutes on make-up

6 minutes dressing

Well, meaning that it takes 75 minutes to get ready? Great, the next time if you are going for a BIG NIGHT OUT! Be sure to get ready earlier. No disrespect, but some women need more than the 75 minutes to be ready! Guys, get the remote control and munch some popcorn while waiting for your high-maintenance honey okay. But sometime it's really worthwhile to wait for them. =)

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