Thursday, March 13, 2008

Circumcision: A "New" Defense Against HIV!

Oldest documentary evidence for circumcision comes from Egypt

Not really new actually! This so-called new defense have been practiced since say...ancient Egypt. Male circumcision cuts the risk of HIV transmission in men by about 60%. A 2006 study suggests, circumcision could prevent about 6 million HIV infections and 3 million deaths over 20 years. Still, WHO held back its recommendation until recently (so WHO is the one who causes so many deaths?).

Circumcision is thought to prevent infection because the underside of the foreskin is rich in immune cells that are particularly vulnerable to HIV. Small tears in the foreskin during intercourse can also allow the virus to slip into the body. Moreover, circumcision could reduce the odds of an infected man's transmitting the virus to a female partner by 3o percent or more.

Don't worry! It's not that PAIN!!!

For all its benefits, though, WHO cautions that it should not replace standard methods of prevention like the use of condom. Hmm...Why not? But I recommend both of course!

After the cut, your wife will be
more happy know... ha =)

So guys, for the sake of your wife and girlfriend, get yourself circumcised! Ouch! It will hurt a little, but it's better than letting those HIV roams freely (if any). =)

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