Friday, March 7, 2008

Be Wise With Your Vote!

Tomorrow is the D-Day for tonnes of Malaysians! Millions to be precise. 3rd of March is the day for Malaysians to decide who is going to lead the country! So for you registered voters, here are my opinions an thoughts about the whole election stuff!

If I were a neutral and don't have the slightest idea about any parties should I decide then? Listening to others might be misleading because everyone have their version of stories to tell, and everyone seems to have the insider news about some parties or candidates! So how on earth should we know what we heard is reliable and genuine? What if I don't know anything? Easy, just look at the logos of respective parties!

Pas This looks more like a Green Peace or activist kind of flag right? But I thought we are not voting for environmental issue right? So what's with the white circle and green background have to do with Malaysia? I love green but this flag just make me if I'm on the boat!

DAP No disrespect to anyone supporting this party...but...what does a rocket has to with Malaysia? One day we will move to the Mars? Ouh! Ouh! I know this is a party that advocates astronomy-related activities? But what does this have to do with Malaysians? And yeah, if they are so in with the rockets why did I heard them disagreeing about sending astronaut to the space? Contradicting huh?

Keadilan Hmm...I heard they say that this is someone's eye! Let me think whose eye does this match? I know, it's Anwar's eye! Am I correct? So what does his eyes got to do with serving Malaysians? Not sure. But I don't like being glared by a man who used to sodomized another man! Yucks!!!

BN At first glance, it feels as if I am in the pasar (market) buying vegetables and fish! A weigh? So what does a weigh has to do with us? Hm...perhaps it has to do with balance? Meaning that power sharing among everyone in Malaysia? Looks good to me!

So after reviewing all the four logos of the respective parties, what is your choice then? Green Peace Activist? An Astronaut? Anwar's Eye? Or Buying Vegetables at Pasar? Tough huh! But logo-wise, BN would be the best choice right? How about making decision based on credibility, reliability, stability and contribution then?

The verdicts for me is: BN

Easy. Because they offer the stability that none o the three other parties could! In terms of leadership, experience, balance an authorities! Don't who support the opposition, sorry to tell you this but others are just not up to the task!

Look at Kelantan! Why does the citizens there are so darn poor? Well, because their ruling state government is not creating enough chances for them. And that's why their income per ca pita is the lowest in Malaysia. And yet they blame the government BN for gap between the rich and the poor. Their mindset is too idealistic of Islamic! No offense but the only constant is change. They even wanted to fast in order to win this election! Fast on! And yeah, even my friends from Kelantan said that PAS-Kelantan is not a place for them.

The logo of the party denotes that it has support from Chinese, Indians, Malays and other ethnics. I don't see this happened! So how can DAP serve people in the long-term? Don't see this feasible! We are Malaysian! And I hate it when I hear people said, I'm Malay, Your are Chinese, and he or she is an Indian!!! Darn, if you guys are so obsessed with colours...go back to China, India and Indonesia! Remember we are Malaysian! And I heard DAP lament about the declining numbers of Chinese school in Malaysia. Of course, because schools are combined and are bigger to accommodate the kids. But blame this on ourselves! Why? Because we (chinese) just don't want to have more kids!

If you guys checked on Anwar's background you'll see that he's racist! And he is not the best choice for Malaysia. Perhaps he could be the prime minister in Indonesia. But in Malaysia! Dream on! Why? Because he is just to self-centred. One interesting sight is his increasing support from the grass root level! Not bad. But honestly I do admire him. But, yesterday I heard one of the speeches from Keadilan! It was totally misleading and filled with slanders! Their candidates have no respects for other and use foul languages! Vote for Keadilan The Barbarian? Nope!

Yes. This is my choice? Why? Easy! Do we have people dying on the street like everyday? Surely that has been tonnes black stories about BN. Stories about corruption, discrimination and power abuse! But these issues do happen. Not in Malaysia, but in every where else in the world! Could any of you promise me a guarantee plus warranty that if any of the other opposition took the helm of our country leadership there'll be no corruption? Can you? No! Not even you can say that! Corruption is bound to happen no matter who is ruling! And why does corruption case war reported to happen more since Abdullah take over? Simple. Because he vowed to fight against corruption, of course more culprits who were free were now pin down to face their sins. Only shallow people wouldn't have known these facts. Bear that in mind.

No doubt there has been cases where leaders who abuse their powers and build 'castle's without permission. But can you swear that when others go up and they won't repeat this mistake? And yeah, some leaders are racist! But all in all, government is very fair to all of us! Okay, here's my story. I'm a chinese from a poor family! When I was in primary schools, the government provided me with meals and free milks. Then when I was in secondary, I was given scholarship by a Fund that was supposed to be given to malays. So what more can I say? Don't tell me that I don't know anything about racial issues! Some of my best friends are malays and I grew up speaking malay language. I have Indian cousins who are my best playing mates and I always plays football with Malays. So don't talk crap with me. I'm a Malaysian!

Please don't let these few stupid people marred the image and contribution of the other leaders who sacrifice their life for us! BN is still your choice!

Last but not least, no matter who you are voting...wishing you guys have a safe journey back! Let the spirit of democracy live wise with your vote! And I'm sorry if I had wronged anyone in any way. I'm just as passionate about my country as you are!

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