Monday, January 21, 2008


I prefer call it Weather-lla!

With all the rains that pour lately, I'm sure we need a good umbrella huh! How we all wish that there's an umbrella that can read the weather! Well, wish no more. The weather-lla is finally here. Actually its real name is Ambient Umbrella. Anyway this umbrella is only available in US currently. So you guys just have to wait if it's not on your shores yet!

Unlike out typical umbrella, the Ambient Umbrella not only shield you away from the harmful UVs and rain, but it also doubled up as a weather reader. With the help of the integrated wireless data radio chip, it can retrieve information from the website. Hmm...quite nifty huh!

This weather-lla is one no hassle umbrella. There's no setup, no sensors and no wasting your time watching the weather forecast on TV, radio or internet! You just have to program it to the city that you are living and voila you can watch its handle for forecasts. A blue light in the handle will pulsate accordingly to alert you of incoming rain, drizzle, snow or thunderstorm.

A nice stuff, always comes with a nice price tag right? The same goes to the Ambient Umbrella. You need a damn deep pocket for this-US$124.99! Well, I'm sure it's not too pricey if you have been putting aside some money for your rainy day. Hopefully a version for each country of this Ambient Umbrella will be available for gadgets lovers!

Now, let's listen to Rihana what she has to say about this Weather-lla! Enjoy lla! =)

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