Friday, March 10, 2017

Clever Ways to Save when You Travel

Ah, travel. The salve to many a first world problem. As much as we love the idea of packing our bags and disappearing on a one-way ticket to some exotic island when the hustle of our daily routine gets too intense, the pursuit of adventure does not always come cheap.

 photo clever ways to save when you travel_zpswefa4yua.jpg

But lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to cut costs and travel on the cheap whilst still making the most of your getaway. The best thing about this is that is leaves you with a bit more spending money to enjoy once you actually get to your destination.

Here are some handy tips on how to slash prices on flights, hotels and beyond.

Don’t rule out indirect flights
The rule of thumb for the budget traveller is to always book your tickets during off-peak seasons. Now with that in mind, here are two other ways for you to cut your costs even further. If you have time that you can afford to spare, consider booking a flight with a stopover. There are plenty of sites that will allow you to search for indirect routes and these tend to be way cheaper than direct flight options. Alternatively, if you plan on visiting popular cities on the map, look for flights that land in less-popular neighbouring locations that are close to your final destination as they tend to be way more affordable. Find out about the country’s public transport system and hop on a bus or train to your intended destination. It might take a little more time but it’ll definitely cheaper.

 photo clever ways to save when you travel indirect flight_zpsjzkwhlis.jpg

Use deals and savings websites
Now you’ve probably already heard of these but they’re extremely useful for scouring the internet for deals and promotions on airline tickets, tours, hotels and the list goes on. Saleduck for example, aggregates deals from popular local and international travel sites such as Agoda, Air Asia Go and Expedia. What this means is that you’ll get access to a plethora of ongoing savings and deals from a bunch of different travel sites within a single platform. Not only does this save you on time but you’ll also get the chance to stumble upon bargains that you wouldn’t have known about in the first place.

Book a private room in a hostel instead of a hotel
Unless you’re cool with a shared dorm then do that instead. But if you value your privacy and a little bit of luxury ( hello, ensuite bathroom) opt for a private room in a hostel instead of spending those extra few bucks on a hotel room. With so many hostels going the boutique route and offering souped up private suites at a fraction of the price of hotels, you’ll get plenty of comfort whilst still being kind to your pocket.

 photo clever ways to save when you travel currency exchange_zpsmcapxwsp.jpg

Save on currency exchange
Withdrawing money in a foreign country can cost you A LOT in added charges. Which is why we prefer withdrawing larger sums of money at home. You can always change it back to your local currency if don’t spend it all while you’re away. Just be extra cautious and remember to not store all your money in the same place. If possible, convert some of the cash into travellers cheques as an added security measure. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Puskas Award: Vote For Faiz's Sensational Strike

Mohd Faiz Subri's stunning goal is now one of the three goals challenging for the Puskas Award 2016. His incredulous strike via a freekick has now garnered more than 2.19 million views on Youtube by FIFATV and he has definitely awed countless football fans from all over the globe. His physics-defying goal is so sublime that it is hard for football purists not to acknowledge his feat. We Malaysian football fans should do our best to support our local hero by voting for him.

 photo Mohd Faiz Puskas Award_zpsfetmji0r.jpg
Faiz for Puskas Award

In fact, if Faiz's goal were to win this year's Puskas Award, he would be the first football player from Asia to win this illustrious award. Do bear in mind that Faiz's goal has even beaten the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to be in the top 3. This achievement alone deserves an ovation from all football fans in Malaysia. So guys head over to to vote for Faiz.

 photo 01 Mohd Faiz Puskas Award_zpsqakkag9m.jpg
Head over to FIFA official website to vote.

 photo 02 Mohd Faiz Puskas Award_zpscu5jd410.jpg
Once in, you will see the three finalists.

 photo 03 Mohd Faiz Puskas Award_zpsxnmajwul.jpg
Click to vote for Faiz. :)

The finalist with the highest number of votes will prevail to get this prestigious award. The winner will be announced at FIFA Football Awards Ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, on January 9. So what are you guys waiting for? Vote for Faiz right now. Click HERE. :) I really hope that our Malaysian footballer will win this award which was named after the legendary Hungarian striker Ferenc Puskas, who won 3 European Cups with Real Madrid. Let us watch Faiz's stunning strike again:

Physics-bending goal!

Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School [PICS]

It appears that Jordan boy is really a big boy now. To me everything is taking place way too fast. So fast that I didn't even realize that he is no longer a baby...or a toddler to be precise. Well, I guess I can't really see the "difference" in him because I am with him almost every single day. Only when my wife and I brought him to his primary school for orientation that it dawned upon me that our little baby whose tiny fingers used to grab our hands firmly will be embarking on his very own journey-primary school. Time really flies...

 photo 01 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsfxqenoat.jpg
Jordan boy is ready to "FIGHT" in his new school!

 photo 02 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsl178tr5e.jpg

 photo 03 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpswhloahno.jpg
I wonder what stance is this. Peacock? :D

 photo 04 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsmxce4fdg.jpg
Ok! Enough playing. Now it is time to get serious. :p
Jordan boy listening to his form teacher's briefing.

Clad in his white uniform and navy blue shorts which seem to be larger than him, Jordan happily walks around in his new school. His antics shows that he is completely at ease with his new school and brand new environment. You could see him happily posing as Ultraman, Spiderman etc. for the sake of being snapped. Truth is, Jordan boy has been to this school countless time because his grandpa works there. LOL :D

 photo 05 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsuc8vhnvs.jpg
Can't believe you are no longer a little baby.

 photo 06 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsnlxfzaee.jpg
You are all grown up Jordan boy.

 photo 07 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpshexanehl.jpg
Cheeky. :p

 photo 08 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsilfpta0c.jpg
And handsome just like your daddy-me *cough cough*

So Jordan boy~make sure you will enjoy your new adventure in this new territory of yours. Daddy hope that you will do your best in whatever you attempt to do. Besides excelling academically, you also need to be physically tested and honed ok. Try not be just another bookworm...Daddy want you to have both brawn and brain. LOL Maybe I am asking too much. All in all, enjoy your school life and Daddy is always proud of you, Muack :-X

 photo 09 Jordan Boy Is Going To Primary School PICS_zpsyeoq7eip.jpg
Daddy know you can do it Jordan boy. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sing Review-A Heart-warming Comedy

From the creator of Minions and Secret Life of Pets, Illumination Entertainment is lighting up our year-end holiday season with Sing. You get to enjoy a cast of famous movie stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon just to name a few. They will be singing their hearts out not just to entertain us, but also to let us know that dreams do come true, albeit a little bit slower. Besides being heart warming, Sing proves to be equally entertaining as well. I brought my 2 kids to watch this movie and they totally love it. :)

 photo 01 Sing Movie Review 2016_zpsvionyqfz.jpg
Anyone can sing. :)

Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, the movie main star is the the ever-positive Koala Buster Moon whose music theater is in a bit of a turmoil-a financial pit to be precise. Instead of closing down his theater, Buster intends to save it with a singing competition. So it is like an American Idols for animals. Despite facing numerous hurdles and up against all odds, Buster does all he can to make sure his show will be a success.

Each and everyone is singing for different reasons.
 photo 02 Sing Movie Review 2016_zps5uxz6sdn.jpg

 photo 03 Sing Movie Review 2016_zpsrubxdirn.jpg

 photo 04 Sing Movie Review 2016_zpsjvfmwd72.jpg

 photo 05 Sing Movie Review 2016_zpsbuskehqa.jpg

 photo 06 Sing Movie Review 2016_zps13nttelv.jpg

 photo 07 Sing Movie Review 2016_zpsxpuj6tpt.jpg

What makes this musical comedy tick is that it revolves around real life issues. This movie will make you think twice about quitting when all doors seem to have been shut. To quote what Buster said, "You know the thing about hitting rock bottom? There is only one way to go, and that's UP!" This line alone is already very inspiration. This movie also shows us that when there is a will, there will always be a way to do something. You can ask Rosita about how she "handles" her 25 rambunctious piglets. LOL

Sing trailer 2016

Last but not least Sing is not only a movie for the kids. It is one great film for adults alike. There are so many messages in the movie that are bound to inspire all of us to be the best that we could as long as we grit our teeth and hold on to what we believe is true. Apart from that Sing also teaches us the value of teamwork and that sometimes...sticking together is the way to go. It is a very education movie for children and serve as a great reminder for us adults too. My verdict: Entertaining & Inspiring.

Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision?

Yours truly me have been wearing glasses since I was 16. It all started after my beloved late mother bought me and my brother a desktop computer (Woohoo!). Supposedly the computer was for us to do our assignments and projects. Yeah right...instead my brother and I spent countless hours in front our very first computer, plowing the keyboards and jabbing the mouse. I got so addicted to playing games that I was forced to see an optician to get my eyesight "fixed". Damn you Resident Evil 3 and Fifa and every different reincarnation since then. LOL :D

 photo 01 Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsvdyag5fo.jpg

 photo 02  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsgjyuzdmz.jpg
Now you can see without your glasses.

Now my eyesight has been made worse thanks to the advent of "tiny computers" aka smartphones. In lieu of desktop or laptop, my eyeballs seem to be attached to this glorious, interactive tiny screens. My shortsightedness has worsened in tandem with my usage of gadgets and sleep deprivation. Of course I know that I need to do something before I go blind. I have honestly thought about Lasik to regain my pilot-like razor sharp vision. Ha :D Then again the risk involved is too much for me to give it a second thought. That is when I come to know about Pinholes Glasses. Yep~Glasses with....holes. :)

 photo 04  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsyaucsjsv.jpg
Through these holes, you will have a clearer vision.

Apparently our eyes have the ability themselves. According to Bates, if we were to regain our crystal, clear vision, we needed to ditch our glasses and contact lens. In order words, the fancy glasses and the funky contact lens that we are wearing are merely crutches that inhibit our eyes to be healthy again. Meaning to say that we can TRAIN our eyes to see better again with any aids. come no optician or optometrist is telling us about this?

 photo 03  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsy4cjcxy5.jpg
So "miracle" only takes around 3 minutes every day? :D

With these training glasses, we can well...train our eyes to heal by seeing through the pinholes of the glasses. The original Bates Glasses will cost you around RM80. But if you are like me skeptical and do not wanna risk burning your hard-earned money, just can buy one for merely RM5.30 (GST included) in any Daiso stores in Malaysia. :) Once I put the training glasses on, I was surprised that I could actually SEE without my spectacles. I can clearly see things, objects, faces and subtitles in the TV through these pinholes of the training glasses. Goodness!

 photo 05  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpswxz0ywsp.jpg
Look mom. I can "SEE" clearly right now. :p

According to the description at the back, we only need to wear these training glasses for a few minutes every day. I don't see any risk of wearing it for up to 1 hour. Of course you wouldn't wanna put them on while shopping, no? After wearing it for a few days, I do feel that my eyesight has slightly improved a wee bit. Then again results might vary and I strongly suggest that you to try it. After all it only cost RM5.30. You want to see without glasses or contact lens? Well...see through these pinholes then. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Playing With Bubbles [PICS]

Childhood is the best time for each and everyone of us. The memories that we have conjured during these magical moments will stick with us for like...well forever. Don't you agree? And what do we do during our childhood? PLAYING like non-stop of course. Ha :D So lately both my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl have been busy blowing bubbles around our home and at the playground of course. To them blowing these rainbow-coloured bubbles is nothing but amazing. You could see the joy in their eyes. :)

 photo 01 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsfunninal.jpg

 photo 02 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsf1hlcfeq.jpg

You would be surprised to know that playing with bubbles can be really beneficial for our babies, toddlers and children. According to Active Babies Smart Kids, playing with bubbles allows our little ones to develop motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and sharpens their spatial awareness and directionality just to name a few. Besides these mystical floating spheres will definitely be a mood-booster for our kids when see them flying into the sky and merge with the clouds. Simply mesmerizing!

 photo 03 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpshzywt5nu.jpg
"Kor Kor (elder brother), let's play our bubbles!"

 photo 04 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsyt3xapnx.jpg
Beautiful sight. :)

 photo 05 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps0z8mvote.jpg
Let me show you how to blow bubbles.

 photo 06 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsrqkquprz.jpg
Step one~blow slowly to get a BIG bubble. :)

 photo 07 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsvq6dh9gr.jpg

 photo 08 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsk0q9y2hi.jpg

 photo 09 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsfnvww3jn.jpg
Not yet...

 photo 10 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpszewncze2.jpg
Hold you breathe...

 photo 11 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpstbuwbyqn.jpg
Almost there...

 photo 12 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps4tmgecuj.jpg
Voila~a big bubble. :D

 photo 13 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps2avp74t6.jpg
Ouh...ok. I also want to try.

 photo 14 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpspykxxzkw.jpg

 photo 15 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsxyfku13v.jpg

 photo 16 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsa7spb8dq.jpg
You see Kor Kor, a lot of bubbles~o. :D

Haha :D It is obvious that both my babies love to play with their bubbles. You could see that in their eyes and smiles. I am so happy to see them enjoying themselves so much. If your kiddos have not been playing with these good old-fashioned bubbles, go grab them a bottle. It only costs less than US1 but the joy that it brings it totally priceless. How about you? Do you still remember the time when you played with bubbles? I am sure you do miss those good old days right? So ditch your smartphones and tablets, and start blowing your very own mythical balloons. :)

 photo 17 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps4aa5oo3d.jpg

Watch both Jordan & Jasmine blowing their bubbles. :D


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