Friday, August 22, 2014

The Day We Mourn Their Lost & Start To Cherish What We Have

Today we mourned for the 298 innocent people (43 Malaysians) who were killed in the tragic 17th of July incident. My deepest condolence to everyone who are directly or indirectly affected by this dreadful calamity. Flight MH17 which was bound for Kuala Lumpur mistakenly was shot down over eastern Ukraine by some idiotic fools, killing everyone on board-298 lives. Nobody expected this to happen, not when you were happily on your way home or eagerly waiting to touch down for your vacation. It's a saddening day all of us...

 photo TheDayWeMournForMH17-Copy_zps7234d8a0.jpg
Our national flag at half mast...

We Malaysians observed this solemn occasion today (just now at around 10:50a.m.) by wearing black attires and flying our national flag-Jalur Gemilang at half mast. My bosses and colleagues stood outside of our office just now to mark a minute of silence for the poor victims of flight MH17. It is the least that we could do for those whose lives had been wrongfully snatched away from them; It is the least that we could do to ease the excruciating pain of the distraught families and friends who will painfully mourn for a lifetime.

 photo CherishFamily_zpsf0c24d2d.jpg
Don't wait until it is too late...

What about us? What about us who are still lucky enough have our family and beloved ones ALIVE? Are we doing enough to show that we are really grateful to have our spouses, parents, siblings and children by our side? Their demise should serve as a wake up call for us to cherish and treasure our family members; Their lost should be a reminder to all of us that we should never ever take our loved ones for granted; Their mourning should be a lesson to the rest of us that we might not always get a second chance in life...So start loving your loved ones before it is too late...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nude Kobe Bryant Wrestling A Giant Black Mamba

Who would have thought that Kobe Bryant would be fighting with a huge snake instead of playing basketball right? Worse still, Kobe Bryant was caught in the act while he being naked. Well...well...of course we are not talking about the real Kobe Bryant here. In a museum in the Chinese province of Guangzhou stands a sculpture of Kobe Bryant wrestling a giant black mamba. Behold "Achilles," by Roger Huang.

 photo 01KobeBryantNakedBlackMamba_zps5ea7d6a6.jpg
Kobe Bryant VS Black Mamba

I honestly feel that Achilles is an amazing sculpture that brings about a lot of ideas and messages. Based on the name of the sculpture, we are of course referring to our weak link-Achilles. So this statue of Kobe Bryant is about him being bitten by the black mamba at his Achilles tendon. You can't really see it from the picture above. The following picture at the bottom can clearly show you that the black mamba is biting Bryant's left Achilles tendon, which of course, is the one that he tore last year in a game against the Golden State Warriors.

 photo 02KobeBryantNakedBlackMamba_zpsdc67fd85.jpg
The Black Mamba Sank Its Fangs Into Kobe's Achilles

If you have noticed, Roger Huang has successfully integrated Kobe Death Stare and signature jaw jut into this sculpture. This fiberglass-reinforced-plastic-composed Achilles, depicts Kobe Bryant as a stand in for Achilles the Greek demigod. Even Jordan has acknowledged Kobe's ability on court. Likewise the black mamba is the the nagging injuries that have been plaguing Kobe Bryant throughout his career. Let us see if Kobe Bryant can finally get rid of the "Black Mamba" and lead Lakers to a better post season shall we.

 photo 03KobeBryantNakedBlackMamba_zps13a30023.jpg
You can feel the anger in Kobe's Death Stare!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shoulders Riding Their Daddy

My wife and I have always agreed that we need to spend as much time as we could with our little ones whenever we can. That is why we would play with them after work even though we are usually very exhausted. But our tiredness are all gone the moment we look at both our Jordan boy and Jasmine girl. Ha :D So every day after they have come home, they would want to play a lot of things after taking their dinner. They might want to play football, badminton, climbing their mountains sofas, running around the house or simply enjoying shoulders ride. Ha :D

 photo 01ShouldersRidingTheirDaddy_zps1e90dc9c.jpg
Our Jordan boy and Jasmine girl

 photo 02ShouldersRidingTheirDaddy_zpsacc14632.jpg
Ready to play shoulders ride? Let's go.

When it comes to playing shoulders ride, daddy me is the one who will be playing with them. After carry both of them on my shoulders and running around is not an easy stuff to do anymore compared to when they were younger and lighter. :p  However it is still relatively OK for my Jordan and Jasmine to ride on my shoulders. I don't mind playing with them every day because both of them are growing up really fast...I don't want to miss any moment with them.

I really enjoy playing with my 2 babies. :)

It must be really exciting for Jordan and Jasmine to "see" the world from a higher ground huh. After all they just need to sit back, buckle up (this is done by me Ha :D) and relax while enjoying their rides. It must be thrilling to ride on their galloping horse daddy and explore the house aye Jordan boy and Jasmine girl. Will you guys still remember the time you play with daddy? Daddy will always remember all these priceless moments that we share and keep it forever in my heart. :)

 photo 03ShouldersRidingTheirDaddy_zps0296b597.jpg
Our darling Jasmine girl. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Losing Start For Van Gaal

It is really unfortunate that Manchester United's very first competitive match under Louis Van Gaal ended up with a 2-1 defeat to Swansea. Is it true that Manchester United's current players are no longer able to compete in the English Premier League? The naysayers will of course agree while true, Red Devils fans will claim that this is just a minor hiccup to an otherwise glorious campaign? What it the doubters are correct? David Moyes will rightfully allow himself some schadenfreude towards those who gave him the boot.

 photo 03ManchesterUnited1-Swansea2_zpsff453bb1.jpg
Wide Open

It appears that Manchester United players are still very unsure about the positions that they should be playing Regardless of the formation being deployed by their new Dutch coach-Louis van Gaal, United still performed rather unconvincingly, especially in defense department. 3 very important defensive senior players have left and without Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, United looked so brittle when defending. Both Swansea goals has come from the visitors' ability to across the goal to be knocked past helpless David de Gea.

 photo 01ManchesterUnited1-Swansea2Rooney_zps3301d838.jpg
A beautiful goal from Rooney but...

The only consolation from United's performance was Rooney's equaliser which was a close-range overhead kick. A beautiful goal no doubt but it came from a set piece. And that goes to show that United clearly lack creativity that is needed to dismantle defense. Moreover, the current attacking players that the Red Devils have do no have any pace at all. Rooney-the new captain, is certainly not the kind of player that can outrun defense and neither is van Persie or Juan Mata. So Manchester United needs a reinforcement that will not only provide them creativity but speed as well.

 photo 02ManchesterUnited1-Swansea2_zpsd52dd67f.jpg
Divine intervention is needed perhaps.

The good news is that Manchester United might be able to land the pacey Di Maria from Real Madrid very soon and he will be the creative attacking midfielder that could bring out the best of all the other Red Devils. Until anything is confirmed, Louis van Gaal must not stop to look for reinforcement. He should not be repeating David Moyes mistake last season. Hopefully our glory days will be back soon. Until then...everyone in United must be on their toes and grit their teeth to win every single match. It will be a tough season.

 photo 04ManchesterUnited1-Swansea2_zpsc154c897.jpg
I think Rooney should really bulk himself up and train harder to be speedier!

Eating Chocolate Cake That Wifey Baked

Last weekend, when I came back from work I had an awesome surprise from my beloved wife. After having my lunch, wifey baked a huge chocolate cake for us to feast. Knowing that we (especially me) like chocolatey stuff, wifey took all the trouble to ensure we had a great dessert after lunch. My babies and I were of course very elated when we saw our brownies that afternoon. It's always good to indulge in something like this aye. :)

 photo 01EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps23da6ca0.jpg
Our chocolate cake.

 photo 02EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps869ee80b.jpg
Loaded with uncountable chocolate chips. :D

 photo 03EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps15f0ebdc.jpg
Both Jordan and Jasmine waiting to pounce on their cakes. :)

Not only was our chocolate cake was know chocolatey, wifey also sprinkled tonnes of chocolate chips to make it even "brownier". Ha :D As you could see from the photos, Jordan and Jasmine couldn't wait to sink their teeth into the sweet treats once they saw it. Both of them were very patiently waiting for their dessert to be served. Well~well~their eagerness to devour their cake is a testament that mommy's homemade cake is really good.

 photo 05EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zpsebfaeecf.jpg]
Chocolate cake is ready to be served.

 photo 06EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps1a76f898.jpg have to use a fork or a spoon Jasmine girl.

 photo 07EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zpscd977bed.jpg
Both babies are enjoying their chocolate cake.

 photo 08EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps3cf375ac.jpg
Come on fighting. :p

We really enjoyed ourselves with the huge, chocolate cake. In fact we walloped everything almost instantly. *Buurrpp* Gotta thank my dearest wifey for baking us such sweet delight. It's not easy to take care of the babies and bake cakes at the same time no. Our babies and I really enjoyed eating the chocolate cake that we had. Hmm...I wonder what we will be having during our next weekend. LOL :D

 photo 09EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps770f1936.jpg
Chocolate Perfecto!


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