Friday, March 20, 2015

Jasmine Girl Singing Taylor Swift's Shake It Off [VIDEO]

Some time ago I actually wrote about Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and my Jasmine girl saw me playing the video. After tuning to the song once, my 3 years old daughter couldn't stop listening to it already. Every day she will insist that I play her the video once or twice the moment I power on my laptop. Jasmine is kinda addicted to Shake It Off right now. However that goes to show how catchy and infectious the song is huh. So much so that almost everyone is grooving to Taylor's hit!

 photo 01 Jasmine Girl Singing Taylor Swifts Shake It Off VIDEO_zpsjznnj4k7.jpg

 photo 02 Jasmine Girl Singing Taylor Swifts Shake It Off VIDEO_zpsrjmcrsad.jpg

In fact little Jasmine will sing (TRY to sing) or hum Shake It Off whenever she feels like doing it. She will sing it when we are in the car; She will sing and dance when we are at home; She will shout it out loud when we are out shopping or she will whisper it before she sleeps. Haha :D Even though she can't really sing the song...she could only sing a few words correctly like "Shake It Off"...other than that, she just "hentam" (simply sing) the song her way. long as she enjoys the song right?

So how do you sing this song Jasmine girl?

So what do you think about Jasmine's singing? Ha :D It is virtually incomprehensible right? Well...she needs to hone her vocabulary alright. As long as she loves it, who cares right? In fact, we find her singing and antics very, very entertaining or amusing if you like. I hope she will laugh at this video of hers when she grows up. LOL But right now my wife and I know that it is really difficult for her to shake this song off her head. Ha :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers

It appears that nothing can stop the people from the republic of China huh. They are even able to build copy Transformers from scratch using scrap metals. Based on instruction manuals found on the internet, father and son in China have built gargantuan replicas of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime using unwanted metals. They surely make it sound easy huh. Both of them started to build these robots after the premier of the 4th Transformers-Age of Extinction.

 photo 01 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpszaauqjbj.jpg
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime meet their creators....the farmers...

 photo 02 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsozl7bmas.jpg
Wow...these transformers are really huge.

The father Yu Zhilin and his son-Yu Lingyun are actually normal peasant farmers. However looks can be deceiving right? Who would have thought that farmers can actually build Michael Bay's toys aye? Nope I am not discriminating farmers. :( The "main ingredients" for their transformers are actually sourced from a small makeshift factory in Hengyang that houses pieces of disused cars. So this goes to show that they are, really resourceful huh.

 photo 03 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpseslxstkv.jpg
So those transformers are actually thrash?

 photo 04 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsvetaik8k.jpg
Recycling is good aye.

 photo 05 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsmgrsh5fl.jpg
Good craftsmanship.

However...they are both not in this just for the sake of their pastime. They are actually making a lot of money building robots. In fact they are part of a growing trend in China where "inventors" build exact copies of prominent movies characters to be sold for thousands of dollar. Take this: They sold their last lots of robots for a staggering US$160,00. Very impressive considering their source of materials are pretty cheap.

 photo 08 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpslbevucn8.jpg
I wonder who is this...

 photo 06 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsafkpdse8.jpg
This is the ancient robot from the second movie?

 photo 07 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsopaxdyhe.jpg
Now you can see Prime...

So the Chinese can really copy everything that they want huh. Opps....I mean replicate. That's a better word to use. But I honestly like their Bumblebee. It's very strikingly similar to the real Bee. :) So one man's trash, is another man's treasure huh. Who would have thought right? I guess they would be mass producing a lot of autobots and decepticons. :p

Jordan & Jasmine's Study Area [PICS]

Can a child learn in an environment that is not ideal for him or her? I believe we once heard of a story whereby a mother had to move three times to a place to allow her son to be studious. Their first home was near a slaughterhouse...and the son actually learned a lot from to slaughter animals; The second was near a cemetery and of course the little picked up how to conduct burials; Finally the mother decided to move to a place near a school...and voila...the boy had become a bright, diligent little kid. So I believe it's a lot about our environment. It's about conditioning. Hence my wife and I truly believe that we should provide the kind of right environment for our Jordan boy and Jasmine girl to learn. :)

 photo 01 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsniy2zlls.jpg
Jordan and Jasmine's study area. :)

First thing first, the study area shouldn't be in a bedroom. If not this kids will easily drag themselves to their comfortable beds and they will end up sleeping instead of learning. That is why we have chosen a common place to be Jordan and Jasmine's study area. In fact their study tables are right next to mine. So it will be quite natural for them to be having fun learning because "Daddy is beside us!" Ha :D Not really. But we want to instill in them that there is a right place to do the right least for now.

 photo 02 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpskoonuffd.jpg
Their little study tables and chairs. Cute. Ha :D

 photo 03 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsikzqkug5.jpg
They love these colourful Disney mats of theirs.

 photo 04 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsiaitij0l.jpg
Ok. Here are something useful for them.

 photo 05 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpshb8o3r1a.jpg
Time and day. :)

 photo 06 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsvnk6vdys.jpg
I hope they will always remember this quote. :)

 photo 07 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsrbkc4yns.jpg
A touch of individuality. :p

 photo 08 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zps6i3dueeh.jpg
Funny alphabets.

My wifey and I had thought about planned this for some time and finally we were able to materialise this project of ours earlier this year. First thing first, the children's study area must be able to attract them. Hence we have ensured that it would be colourful. We put up useful posters of numbers and alphabets and even throw in a "Today Is..." chart to help the two of them get familiar with days. We even paced the flood with colourful mats to further entice them to linger in their area even longer. Ha ;D

 photo 10 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsji2203yc.jpg
Every day wifey and I will spend some time guiding them. :)

 photo 09 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zps7qzqohli.jpg

 photo 11 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsb5rt9d0o.jpg
Both of you must be hardworking ok. :)

 photo 12 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsv0ahqisf.jpg
Remember that education is the key to your future o. :D

 photo 13 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpslu5tlgha.jpg
Our Jordan boy is writing.

 photo 14 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsxngd60xx.jpg
Jasmine girl loves colouring. :D

Both of them really loved their study area. In fact they do spend quite a lot of time on and off in their study area, especially Jordan boy who has started going to school. The first thing in the morning when he wakes up, he will straight away go to his study table and start writing. The same thing happens once he is back home and before he goes to bed. Likewise, Jasmine girl has always enjoy colouring. At times...wifey and I have to drag the two of them into our bedroom to make them sleep. We really hope both of them will continue to be studious in the future...or should I say until they are old.

 photo 15 Jordan amp Jasmines Children Study Area_zpsee2yjnbh.jpg
Being the eldest, he has been a good role model. :)

So yeah...we are really happy that both Jordan boy and Jasmine girl are loving their study area. We are glad that this Children Study Area that we have set up for them is really one of their favourite places to hang out at home. Ha :D Although it does need some money and effort and time but I think everything is worth it. Yupe~my wife and I don't mind spending money on our children as we want to give them the best that we could like education. After all they are only toddlers or kids...once...right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weasel Was Eating The Woodpecker Instead of Hitching For A Ride?

I am sure by now a lot of us have seen the viral photo where a weasel was apparently riding a woodpecker right? It seems rather incredulous right? A weasel riding a woodpecker? A fairy tale? The photo turns out to be genuine and not photoshopped in any way. A lot of people said that it was rather adorable to see a weasel have "fun" with the woodpecker. The truth is...little did we know that...the weasel was actually trying to EAT the woodpecker. Yupe! We all got it wrong. The weasel was a foe and not a friend!

 photo 01 Weasel Riding Woodpecker_zpsmyb01pqa.jpg
Weasel Riding A Woodpecker! Too good to be true aye?

Martin Le-May who was the man who captured this unbelievably amazing photo revealed the ugly truth which was far from what we thought the whole picture was about. You see...he was having a stroll in the park with his wife on Monday (2nd March 2015) in a London Park when they heard a "distressed squawking". They immediately trained their binoculars on the bird which was in distress and they saw that it was "unnaturally hopping" and flapping its wings erratically.

 photo 02 Weasel Riding Woodpecker_zpsyxdjxood.jpg
A lucky narrow escape for the woodpecker.

 photo 03 Weasel Riding Woodpecker_zpshl86odwu.jpg
Was the weasel really trying to kill the woodpecker?

It was obvious that the woodpecker didn't invite the weasel on a ride. The unlikely pair then landed in front of Le-May and the poor woodpecker was fighting for its life trying to fend off the weasel. Yes, it appeared that the weasel was trying to eat its furry friend. Fortunately the woodpecker managed to shake the weasel off its back...or else it would be dinner for a lot of weasels on that fateful day.

Apparently this sensational photo has caused some outrageous memes.
 photo 04 Weasel Riding Woodpecker_zpsnv61r811.png

 photo 05 Weasel Riding Woodpecker_zpsfucet5ye.jpg now everyone wants to ride the woodpecker huh!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Playing With Pop Pop During Chinese New Year

What comes to your mind when we talk about Chinese New Year? Besides Ang Pow (money $$$), good food and great will never miss the crack of fireworks right? In other words, if there is no firecrackers being let loose during the 15 days of Chinese New Year, the festival will not be complete. Although firecrackers have been outlawed in my country-Malaysia, purebred Chinese know it makes our blood curdle to be able to light the auspicious fireworks.

 photo 01 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsnvtlah7d.jpg
Pop Pop! Still remember this folks?

 photo 02 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsnovu1ehb.jpg
Brings back some good old memories right?

 photo 03 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpslpap0vbn.jpg looks different now right?

Haih *sigh* I truly missed the days when I was happily igniting the wick-like fuse of the firecrackers and witnessed how the "Dragons" stormed into the vacant dark skies, exploding into different glorious hues! Those were the days. Now...I cringe at the thought of running into cops who were looking for preys. Perhaps I am thinking too much? I should have continued this tradition of mine and just play with firecrackers? Anyone of you who hear about police going around catching people who play fireworks?

 photo 04 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsvztt3ro2.jpg
Are you guys ready to play?

 photo 05 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zps8rahuhfh.jpg
Jordan: "Ok, enough posing Ah Mei! Let's play!"

However it would be quite a pity if my two little babies-Jordan and Jasmine, don't get to play with firecrackers or something similar to it. Of course they would not get their hands on those highly explosive stuffs loaded with tonnes of gun powder. This Chinese New Year is the very first time they got to play with something that "explode" a little bit. Heard of Pop Pop? Ha :D Yes, this is the best thing that they could play with. And they surely enjoyed every single one of it. They were so thrilled to throw these little tubular "grenades" that burst upon contact with the ground.

 photo 06 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsjxw9udn7.jpg
Ok~let's throw them. :D

 photo 07 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsshnyjrcj.jpg
Be careful ok both of you. :)

 photo 08 Pop pop firecrackers Chinese New Year_zpsmpho2blx.jpg
Both of them are enjoying their Pop Pop!

Jordan and Jasmine were at first quite amused to see these colourful little firecrackers. Then I demonstrated to them how it should be played. Initially both of them were terrified when the little Pop Pop exploded upon crashing the ground. However after I have spent some time cooing them and persuade them it is totally harmless, the started to lower their defenses and pick up their "grenades". After one or two throw...they have begun to be addicted to it. Instead of throwing one at a time...they just grabbed a handful of the Pop Pop and just flung onto the flood. The loud "explosions" tickled them and they were truly excited. Ha :D

Pop pop~:D

I am glad that I could allow them to savour a few of life's precious moments. So do you guys enjoy yourselves? Hurling missiles at people and laugh at their expenses. Yupe! Both of them can be so naughty that they actually threw a lot of those "Pop Pop" at my wife and me. Young and innocent huh! Well~at least they are not afraid to toy with something a wee dangerous for them. Hmm...maybe next year we should be a bit more dangerous? Perhaps we should upgrade our pyrotechnic department? :p

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge To Be Released On 1st of March-Do-or-Die For Samsung

Are you guys ready for the so-called next big thing? Yes, tomorrow 1st of March 2015 marks the day we will be seeing the release of new flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Not only are the fans of Samsung will be salivating for this release of flagship Galaxy smartphones, the people from Samsung themselves are waiting anxiously with trepidation, hoping that this Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will break Samsung's free fall from grace. In fact, Samsung will be freezing salaries of employees in South Korea because of their ailing smartphones sales. That's how bad it is huh!

 photo 02 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge_zpsmfg36bjo.jpg
Are you ready for Samsung S6 and S6 Edge?

On one court, Samsung fans will be hoping to FINALLY get the GALAXY Smartphone that they have been yearning for the past 5 years. One that is actually made of premium materials like the ones their privileged rivals are enjoying-think Apple and Xiaomi. So this Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge must come with metal finish that will ooze with a lot of quality and class. Secondly...Samsung fans will also be hoping that Samsung will finally get rid of all those unnecessary bloatwares that are causing them to shun the Galaxy smartphones in the past. Can these 2 minimum requirement be met tomorrow? Samsung don't seem to have a choice right?

 photo 03 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge_zpsdwnnbjgs.jpg

 photo 04 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge_zpsjzxbz6ra.jpg
Are these the alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge?

Likewise...if Samsung don't get all their acts right this time...they might not have another chance to reclaim any grounds that they have lost to Apple and other Android rivals who are breathing down Samsung's neck. If Samsung do not halt thing plunge that they are in...they might turn into another Nokia...So Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge must be the dream smartphone that everyone that bespoke excellent craftsmanship and is super-user friendly without any lag or whatsoever that will frustrate users. To sweeten the will be wise (but most probably impossible) if Samsung is willing to retail their latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge more competitively by slashing their price tags.

 photo 01 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge_zps5wsglt0z.jpg
Six Appeal of Galaxy S6?

Hence it is a do-or-die mission for Samsung and they really cannot afford to screw this up! So they really have to get their built (super premium) right, provide cutting-edge innards and feather-weight software to win customers back. I have always been a big fan of Samsung and I, of course, hope that both these Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be the cornerstones that revive Samsung and make it one of the most desirable smartphones in the world again. So besides the features that I have mentioned above, is there anything else that you want to see Samsung improves in their latest flagships? Do let me know. Over to you now. :)


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