Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Total Network Security With Pertino

Network security in the cloud offers a whole new level of maintenance-free security. End-to-end network data protection with Pertino is an example of a security system that has a Cloud Network Engine, a service that keeps itself up-to-date, and is constantly reviewed and tested by external security firms to block attacks and breaches.

 photo Pertino01_zpsc22a0add.jpg
Secure your people with Pertino

You can add user- and device-level authentication to your network that is managed by the security system and not by you. The cloud-based security company manages it all with secure exchange technology and certificate authority. You can network access to the people you want, and your network access policy can be set on an individual- or device-level basis. You’ll be able to see everyone that has access to your network, even if they're offline. 

 photo Pertino02_zps820c041d.jpg
People-based policy
 photo Pertino03_zpsf286bac0.jpg
Secure in the cloud

Cloud security uses state-of-the-art security infrastructure from the best cloud data centers and provides user- and device-level authentication as well as private address space and strong end-to-end encryption. You would also be able to extend your security by using apps; cloud-based apps will instantly install on your network. Cloud-based security takes the burden off of you for configuring and managing traditional virtual private network software and hardware. You will have complete control of your networks and will be able to build new networks, manage the people and devices that use your network, update policies and immediately view all the activity on your networks from one place. 

 photo Pertino04_zps9bb52fa7.jpg
End-to-end Encryption
 photo Pertino05_zpsc03d4a33.jpg
Extend security with apps

You would be able to forget about IP address management, access control lists, routing tables, certificates, profiles and firewall rules. With cloud-based security, all of these tasks are done for you, and all you have to do is manage your networks with one click. This means you can track and drive the productivity of your employees in real-time, even if an employee is working from home. You can also check to see if an employee has been on the network in the past hour. You’ll be able to see what devices are on the network, where they are and if they are online or offline. In other words, you can maintain better control of your networks without the usual headaches.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

LG G Watch With Google Wear

The hottest "real estates" that companies are after right now is not our pockets anymore. All tech companies are now gunning to win our wrist right now. The market for smartphones have neared saturation and it is only plausible to move on to the next "goldmine". Samsung has released their own smartwatch with lukewarm response. Motorola then announced a promising Moto 360 which runs on Android Wear. Now LG has stepped into the smartwatch arena with the advent of LG G Watch! So let's see if LG G Watch is worthy to be worn by us.

 photo LGGWatch01_zps3d5b90a6.jpg
Behold:  LG G Watch

Unlike (the earlier) Samsung, Pebble and Sony, LG G Watch makes its first walk on runway by leveraging Google Android Wear OS. Being developed by Big G, Android Wear will easily allow LG G Watch to appeal to all the other Android smartphone owners via Bluetooth (as long as you have Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later). I won't say that the design is good. In fact it looks kind of too squarish for certain people and definitely bulky for those who are petite.

 photo LGGWatch03_zps02e92dee.jpg
Always-on display allows you to see everything at a glance.

However being big is a good thing because you'll be getting a huge display. You can easily read your emails and notifications on your the 1.65-inch screen of LG G Watch. Of course it will be a bit too small for you to view photos or web pages. You can of course adjust the display to show you the time, whether to have a digital face or analogue format-clock face. Moving on-it comes with a rubber strap which actually kinda downgrades its overall premium appeal. Fortunately it is equipped with standard 22mm spring pins so you can change to any style of straps that you like.

 photo LGGWatch02_zps90126c86.png
Water and dust proof to suit your active lifestyle!

Under the hood, LG G Watch is powered by 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and backed by 512MB of RAM which should be more adequate for your every day needs. There is also 4GB of storage for possible apps installation. LG G Watch is powered by 400mAh battery which might not be sufficient enough for heavy users but should last average users a couple of days. It comes with IP67 water and dustproofing. However to charge LG G Watch, the magnetic plate needs to be clipped onto the charging pins on the back (there are no exposed ports and no buttons on the G Watch) and connects to the mains via a standard micro USB connection.

Last but not leas, saying 'OK Google'  will get you into voice control mode and you can receive push notifications with Google Now-style cards to tell you about news, weather, emails or Facebook updates which I think is really cool. And the always-on display should make viewing of time and notifications a breeze. LG seems to be pushing very hard to get ahead of the competition with G Watch. So do you think this is the smartwatch for you? LG G Watch retails at US$229 and will start shipping on the 27th of July 2014.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Should I Accept Prudential Offer?

My Prudential Insurance agent just knocked on my door just now telling me a good news. He told me that I was selected to accept an offer to increase my premium and protection. Well...I believe I am not the only one right? I was selected because I did not make any claim so that's why I was offered this so-called "good deal". My original insurance premium from Prudential is an all-in-one plan (aka investment-linked), so by adding RM50 to my premium (to become RM250), I will be enjoying the following benefits:

 photo PrudentialInsuranceOffer_zps940e38b8.jpg
This is what my Insurance Agent had showed me.

Lifetime Limit: RM500ks to RM1.6 million.
Annual limit: RM50ks to RM80ks
Room & Board: RM100 to RM250
Co-insurance: 90% to 100% (Prudential will pay everything)

So what do you think folks? Is it really worth it-the RM50 increment? Of course half of the premium will be for investment. I am not really into insurance so that's why I don't know in detail about it.. Perhaps most of you have already been "upgraded"? I am really enticed to know that for RM250 per month my lifetime limit is increased to RM1.6 million. Is this a lot or all the other insurance companies are giving such benefits? And the co-insurance thingy! if I upgrade I do not need to pay the usual 10% anymore? I am wondering if this is the current trends with all the insurance companies in Malaysia? Can someone please fill me in?

 photo PrudentialInsuranceHealth_zpsc021d644.jpg
Tell me more about your Insurance it the same like mine?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mini Garden Suggestions [PICS]

Property prices are burgeoning and to be able to buy a huge house with an even enormous space for gardening and landscape is virtually impossible even for the so-called middle-income people, let alone the not so well-to do. Amidst all hustle and bustle of our modern life, we do want to be basked in lush greenery, don't we? But not all of us can afford such luxury-a luxuriant green lung right in our own home; That is why we can instead invest in a mini garden. It's green and beautiful at the same time. Most importantly your mini garden does not need a lot of spaces. :)

 photo MiniGarden04_zps7faf79dc.jpg

 photo MiniGarden06_zps452d2831.jpg

 photo MiniGarden01_zpsd0ce470f.jpg

 photo MiniGarden02_zps025028bf.jpg

 photo MiniGarden08_zpsdd0ab6dc.jpg

 photo MiniGarden03_zpsfe8e1630.jpg

 photo MiniGarden05_zps2a406528.jpg

 photo MiniGarden11_zps8afddc77.jpg

 photo MiniGarden12_zpsd00045b7.jpg

 photo MiniGarden09_zps8793f988.jpg

 photo MiniGarden10_zpscdcd6517.jpg

 photo MiniGarden07_zpsfde320a3.jpg

What do you think folks? Which is your favourite mini garden? Don't you think all of them look really beautiful? Honestly I don't have the slightest idea on how to build my very own mini garden. On papers (or based on these pictures), these mini gardens do look easy to prune right? Anyone of you have any idea on how to build a mini garden? Or do you have more beautiful mini gardens photos to share with me? :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

How Many Hours Of Sleep Is Enough?

This is the question that has been ringing in both my ears for decades...almost 3 I reckon, but it has become boisterously loud lately. Being a father who plays with my two babies after work whenever I can, plus struggling to make ends meet for my Master assignments...all these bombardments have caused me to wonder how many hours of sleep do I really need. Do I really need the recommended 7 or 8 hours of sleep for adults? Or even less than that? Can I just make do with 6 hours of sleep...or maybe 5? How about 4 hours? If I only need little sleep, I could spend more time with my family when they are awake and do my work while they are asleep. So how many hours of sleep should I have?

 photo HowManyHoursofSleepIsNeededBaby_zpsaec01d5a.jpg

Of course biologically speaking, we need sleep for our own physical health and mental well-being. When we sleep or so-called at deep rest, our body will be able to be "recharged". That is when we allow our body to do proper detoxification which of course is vital to lengthen our very life. So does it mean if we don't sleep or do not have enough sleep, our lifespan will be shortened? Is there any research or studies to prove that this is true?

Age groupRecommended amount of sleep
Infants9-10 hours at night, plus 3 or more hours of naps
Toddlers9-10 hours at night, plus 2-3 hours of naps
School-age children9-11 hours
Adults7-8 hours
 photo EdwardCullenHowManyHoursofSleepIsNeeded_zpse844deb6.jpg
If only I were like him...

Honestly, I do envy the fabricated Edward (the drop-dead gorgeous vampire) in Twilight because he doesn't need any sleep at all. I do want to age gracefully and grow old with my wife but can I do so without having little or no sleep at all? Shockingly there are these so-called select few living among us that really do not need sleep at all. Behold: Thai Ngoc-a 64 years old Vietnamese who have not been sleeping for 33 years! Goodness! He was blessed with this inhumane ability after a sickness in the 70's. And he is perfectly healthy despite not needing any sleep for 3 whopping decades!

 photo HowManyHoursofSleepIsNeededHugeCoffee_zps28ed2536.jpg
But when I don't have enough sleep...I have to drink a lot of coffee...

Many prominent people through history have claimed to need less sleep-Michelangelo, Napoleon and Thomas Edison. All of them only needed 4 hours of sleep. Hmm...makes me wonder...if they do not need much I? However if I were to compare myself with these legends who are sleepless elites, I might be in for a lot of trouble (read: 10 surprising effects about sleep loss). Perhaps I only need 5 hours of sleep instead? Haha :D So folks...any idea how many hours of sleep do we really do need? How many hours of sleep do you guys need?

Do let me know


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