Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Key That Punctured My Tire!

As a biker, we are really at the mercy of our 2 wheels. If anything goes wrong with our tyres...we are as good as gone. So the usual culprit that regularly halt us to a standstill is a nail. I mean what else could be sharper than a nail on the road right? Or so I thought. A few days ago...yours truly's tire was punctured...again (second time this month). I was glad that it only got punctured when I had merely 3km (out of 16) left to reach my office. Still I was really frustrated.

 photo 01KeyPuncturedMyBike_zpsf98db933.jpg
Can you see it?

I fumbled for my phone and furiously punch it to call my colleagues telling that I would be late. Done. The next dreaded part was when I had to push my bike to the office. Unlike the previous punctures, this one felt terribly different. The tire was deflated to the max..meaning it was bare flat! Hmmm...that was weird. Hence I had quite some time trying to navigate my "heavy" bike towards my company.

 photo 02KeyPuncturedMyBike_zpsc326be9d.jpg

 photo 03KeyPuncturedMyBike_zps9550ae57.jpg
It was a key...so incredulous...

 photo 05KeyPuncturedMyBike_zps987cb0bf.jpg
I can't believe it could be so sharp...and well-timed huh!

Upon reaching my company, I immediately went up to meet my do my paperwork. I felt very uncomfortable being so sticky as my whole body was covered with perspiration after my morning "workout". Finally it was lunch time and I could send my bike to a workshop for repair. I was startled to realize that the thing that puncture my tire is not a nail. It turned out to be a key! A key? What are the odds of that very key sticking up and pierce into my tire at that very moment...I must be jinxed on that day...

 photo 06KeyPuncturedMyBike_zps2577ade5.jpg
The key that puncture my tire!

P.S.: Thanks to the key,  I was made RM70 poorer. *sigh* There must be a silver lining to it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Will I Gamble In Genting Casino One Day?

It is a shame that I have yet to step into our very own Genting's Casino before even though I am a Malaysian. I have been there for so many times, but I have only spent my time enjoying the outdoor theme park rides. Never have I done something more daring like gambling in their world-renowned casino. Maybe the next time I am there, I should indulge myself in a game or two of baccarat, black jack or roulette. Who knows I can strike gold with my first attempt? :p

 photo casino-de-genting_zps7059e2bf.jpg
I could be a God of gambler too. :p

Being an occasional gambler (a~hem...especially during Chinese New Year :p), it excites me to think about pitting my gambling "skills" or rather luck against the professionals. It must be a whole new different experience looking at my cards while I am in that sort of so-called "gambling" environment. Besides table games, I would also love to try out their slot machines jackpot. Imagine you could bring home 50ks home just by inserting a coin and pulling down the handle or pushing the magic button!

 photo GentingCasino_zps4b4eb705.jpg
Who wants to hit the jackpot?

I would really relishes my chance of playing in Genting Casino one day. However...there's a catch. Located 6,000 feet above sea level, Genting Casino is not really easily accessible to us Malaysians. I need to drive at least 3 to 4 hours just to knock on their doors. Well...as for now...perhaps I could just indulge in playing black jack, roulette and slots at the different casinos online. After all your chances of winning could be increased in the very comfort of your home, no? :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moto 360-The Best Smartwatch Yet?

With the announcement of Android Wear by Google, consumers will be expecting more smartwatches to be paraded this year. In fact Motorola has fired the first salvo with the release of Moto 360. I must say that I immediately fell in love with Moto 360 the moment I lay my eyes on it. Moto 360 is by far the best-looking smartwatch yet! It looks exactly like a conventional timepiece, with the usual round watchface and even a mechanical dial on the right.

 photo 01Moto360SmartWatch_zps92393d52.png
Behold: The elegant Moto 360!

 photo 02Moto360SmartWatch_zps8057bc5a.png

 photo 03Moto360SmartWatch_zps548e7a86.png

 photo 04Moto360SmartWatch_zps73b4d406.png
OMG~This is THE WATCH for me!

I am really surprised with the timeless design of Moto 360 and this is what Motorola has got to say about their latest invention-"We want to reimagine the wristwatch for the future and continue with the basic wristwatch design that has endured for a century because of its elegance and usefulness at a glance." I totally agree with their philosophy. Why design something that looks like a Ben 10 Omnimtrix? (think Samsung Gear?) Moto 360 will change the Smartwatch game alright.

 photo 05Moto360SmartWatch_zps2a630af3.jpg

 photo 06Moto360SmartWatch_zpsbb32afc1.jpg

 photo 07Moto360SmartWatch_zpsd8cc26ed.jpg

 photo 08Moto360SmartWatch_zpsbfdf992b.jpg

Despite not divulging any technical details of Moto 360, Motorola does hint that their very first Smartwatch can be awakened with a simple flick to the rest. It appears that Moto 360 will be deeply integrated with Google Now whereby wearer can simply say, "Ok Google" and ask questions like who won the Classico Game? What time do you have a meeting? Send a text message? Or you can simply use it to set an alarm or even take note on the go without taking out your smartphone.

It's time for Moto 360!

Moto 360 will be hitting our shelves this summer and consumers in US will get the privilege of wearing it first. What's more? Moto 360 will be available in a variety of style and I guess that we might be able to customize it just like Moto X? Let's stay tune for Moto 360-a smarthwatch that can do so much and still looked like a watch. I do hope that it will be affordable though. :)

 photo 09Moto360SmartWatch_zps709205ee.jpg
Moto 360-Timeless Elegance!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Las Vegas SEMA Car Show

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show is held annually in November in Las Vegas. The 2013 show was its fiftieth anniversary and there was a particularly party atmosphere around the whole event with over 130,000 professionals from the automotive industry in attendance. The show attracts a worldwide audience, and in 2013 there were at least 100 countries represented. Only SEMA members are allowed in and none of the show is open to the general public, though getting a pass is still possible depending on whom you know as SEMA members are allowed a guest pass.

 photo Sema2013-2014_zps94840dea.jpg

SEMA used to stand for the Speed Equipment Market Association, and although the name was changed to reflect our more sensitive attitude to the kind of values that drove the whole US muscle car market of the 1960s, the essence of the show has been retained. While much of the show concerns car aftermarket products that address aspects of safety, comfort and versatility, the fundamental focus is on highly tuned automobiles from trucks to hot rods and muscle cars. The bulk of the show takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Centre and every year the number of cars seems to be greater than the previous year.

 photo SemaTruck_zps53e2fa41.jpg
Muscle Car

Choosing Las Vegas as the show’s locations rather that Los Angeles where the first few shows took place has done nothing to reduce its popularity. In many ways fast paced Vegas is the ideal location for a fast paced car show. No doubt many of the show’s visitors make the best of the many casinos on The Strip with the occasional game of blackjack. Certainly many of the visitors stay in the many casino hotels that line The Strip and most of the hotels provide free ground transportation directly to the Convention Centre. Even the LV Monorail that links the many casinos has extended hours of operation during the show.

 photo LasVegasBlackjack_zps5f4f3cc0.jpg
Black Jack anyone?

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Different Path

You must be wondering where I-Tekkaus, have been right? (Or you don't give a damn at all) I am still here at the very same places where I usually am...it's just that I am not in the parallel universe (Internet) that I used to be anymore. Life has been changing quite rapidly for me these few months. As I get older and my 2 babies are growing up (FAST), I need to realign my priorities and navigate my time more effectively. Unfortunately the time bestowed upon each and everyone of us is the same-24 hours. So in order to do more...certain things need to make way for progress...

 photo ADifferentPath_zps0a567c1e.jpg
It's all for the better. :)

The final months of 2013 had been a defining ones for me. I know 2014 would be a darn busy one after accepting to further my studies. And it turned out to be true. After I have started my Masters studies, I have been left trying to catch my breath all the time. Travelling to KL for my lessons on almost every weekends is really taking its toll on me. That is why I don't really have that "leftover" time nor energy to be channeled into blogging anymore. Now you know...

P.S.: Or...maybe...just maybe...I am too plain lazy nowadays...


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