Saturday, July 25, 2015

Get Cristiano Ronaldo's Six-pack Abs With SIXPAD!

It's not easy to shed those extra pounds off your waist, let alone to have a toned six-pack abs to boost. And I know guys would be dying to get those awesome-looking six-pack that Cristiano Ronaldo has, right? I know I do. We are aware that his unbelievably sculpted six-pack abs are the result of a tough fitness regime, but Ronaldo has designed a fitness gadget that can let you have six-pack abs easily without heavy training with SixPad by MTG.

 photo 05 SixPad Cristiano Ronaldo SixPack Abs How To Get_zpsnnl9sphh.jpg
Fancy to get six-pack Abs like Cristiano Ronaldo?

The SixPad is revolutionary fitness gadget which was co-designed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Japanese Company MTG and it uses Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) technology to help you chisel your abs. Do you know that this 84g SixPad is actually shaped after Ronaldo's very own ripped six-pack? Ronaldo claims that you will have a tighter tummy within a month after using it for 20 minutes each day. The best part is you can "do your abs exercise" while you are reading your books or watching TV.

 photo 04 SixPad Cristiano Ronaldo SixPack Abs How To Get_zpshnzzslfn.jpg
Introducing SixPad which is co-designed by Ronaldo himself.

 photo 01 SixPad Cristiano Ronaldo SixPack Abs How To Get_zpswgsvx1i0.jpg
In fact SixPad was modeled after Ronaldo's very own six-pack! Ha :D

Since it is inconspicuously unobtrusive, you can even wear SixPad under your clothes to go to work or even while you are attending school. Not bad at all aye. As mentioned earlier this revolutionary fitness gadget will do all the exercise for you to get beautiful, perfect six-pack. All you need to do is put it on, and voila your muscles will get electric stimulation (EMS) that tells the brain to start toning and sculpting your six-pack. Read more about this breakthrough EMS. Sounds very scientific huh.

 photo 02 SixPad Cristiano Ronaldo SixPack Abs How To Get_zpsspmsmm9z.jpg

 photo 03 SixPad Cristiano Ronaldo SixPack Abs How To Get_zps9ftgfash.jpg

Honestly I am quite tempted to get this SixPad to tone my flabby stomach. Ha :D Besides, this gadget is endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. So after using it for some time I am sure I can get six-pack abs that looks as good as Ronaldo's. Interested? You can buy this SixPad Abs fit from Aibi International, which is the sole authorized distributor in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. SixPad comes with a recommended retail price of RM850 (US$299) which I believe is reasonable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Love Adidas Because Of Its 3 Stripes

I have always loved Adidas for it is a brand that has peculiarly enchanted me in ways I could not explain. However I would try to unravel the reasons why I am so in love with Adidas. Do you know which country Adidas belongs to? Yep~if you are a sports fan or not, most probably you have known that Adidas hails from Germany. In fact, the company that is synonymous with its unmistakable iconic three parallel bars is like a household names around the world right? It even produces toiletries for men. Ha :D

 photo 01 I Love Adidas Because Of Its 3 Stripes_zpsixbmyaxa.jpg
I love Adidas. :)

The brand Adidas was actually founded by Adolf "Adi" Dassler after the World War I. So the brand  name Adidas was in fact the name of the creator-ADI DASsler. See? The truth is, the company was originally founded between Adolf Dassler and his elder brother-Rudolf Dassler. However both of the siblings decided to go their separate ways after the World War II due to irreconcilable rift. What a pity thought. The elder brother formed his own company called Ruda-Rudolf Dassler which was later rebranded as Puma. Hmm...I didn't know this. You can read more about their stories here.

 photo 02 I Love Adidas Because Of Its 3 Stripes_zpsz270qwiz.jpg
The Three Stripes are ever-present. :D

 photo 03 I Love Adidas Because Of Its 3 Stripes_zpsejkmzoau.jpg
It's my preferred brand. :)

So now...why do I like Adidas so much? Honestly I believe the one reason why I love this brand so much is because of its famous 3 parallel bars or the Three Stripes. Yep~that's the reason why I love it so much. Then again maybe it is because the three stripes do have a symbolical meaning to it and I feel like I could associate the 3 stripes with my life. In other words Adidas and its 3 Stripes remind me of the 3 most important people in my life-my wifey and my 2 babies. It's like when I am playing football, basketball or jogging...I could feel that my wife and 2 babies are just beside me as well. So that's why I love Adidas. Haha :D

 photo 05 I Love Adidas Because Of Its 3 Stripes Family_zpsi4clvvog.jpg
My "Adidas". :p

I really consider myself to be a big fan of Adidas. In fact I will always try to buy Adidas brand sporting shoes if I can afford to. In fact, my basketball shoes, futsal shoes and even my running shoes (Adidas Soltect 2) are all of Adidas brand. Yay! That is why I can't wait for Manchester United's new official jersey to unveil-because Adidas will be the official new sponsor. Woohoo! :) So many of you actually love Adidas?

 photo 04 I Love Adidas Because Of Its 3 Stripes_zpsvefcky6d.jpg
This is what I wear. How about you?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Woman BLINDED By Her Cat's Licking!

Here is another reason why you should not keep a pet cat! Cat can actually indirectly BLIND you! Yes, the seemingly adorable feline can cause you to lose your eyesight. No...this is not a hoax. This is a true story about woman who has a cat as her pet and her cat had blinded her. Apparently, an Ohio woman has become blind in her left eye after her car licked her and transmitted an infection called Cat Scratch Disease (CSD). 

 photo 01 Woman Blinded By Her CATs Licking_zpsqqnsoucf.jpg
A cat can actually blind you!

Janese Walters initially reckoned that she had pink eye, but when she informed her doctors she has a pet cat, they immediately suspected that she was infected by Cat Scratch Disease. Doctor Kris Brickman from University of Toledo said, "Anything that is exposed to the car's mouth-including if you have have a little scratch that the cat licks-that's how you get CSD!" Of course, the so-called "cat-scratch" does not pose any risk to cats, but it can be harmful to humans.

 photo 03 Woman Blinded By Her CATs Licking_zps4eeqlndx.jpg
Think again: You still wanna let your cat to playfully bite you?

Here's a warning to all cat owners: Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) can affect the brain, eyes, heart or other internal organs. Then again, CSD does not usually cause serious complications. However those who are infected by the disease must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Those whose immune systems are weakened are more susceptible to this blinding disease that cats can bring about. Now you know how scary a cat can be. :/

 photo 02 Woman Blinded By Her CATs Licking_zpssqnfd3bp.jpg
Still think cats are harmlessly adorable?

It is a fact that 40% of cats carry the bacteria that leads to CSD. Brickman also advised people not to let any cat lick their open wound and not to be bitten by any cat. Janese Walters was clueless about CSD before she was diagnosed with it. Now she hopes that her story can remind other cat owners to be more cautious with their pet cats. "You don't want to lose your eyesight," Janese said. Thank goodness...she has only lost one of her eyes. Prevention is better than cure right?

 photo 04 Woman Blinded By Her CATs Licking_zpsx7i4jdlk.png

P.S.: No disrespect to all cat lovers but this is another reason why I believe cats do not make good pets or companions. :/

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 (Limited Edition) Unveiled!

Let's paint the town red Iron Man fans! Finally the limited edition of Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 has been officially unveiled. It is indeed one heck of a flamboyant smartphone I have to admit, more so when this Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 features the iconic red and gold painting scheme that Tony Stark has approved. The titular Iron Man face at the back of this special edition Galaxy Edge S6 makes the whole phone looks a cut above the rest! OMG! It exudes so much class and coolness that I am practically drooling while looking at it.

 photo Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Limited Edition 02_zpsbzjqja74.jpg
Stunningly beautiful-Iron Man edition of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

This limited edition Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 comes in an equally awesome red box that is very collectible. One you unbox it, you will be greeted by the Iron Man (himself in the flesh metal) and your eyes will definitely pop out when you see the jaw-dropping wireless charging pad that looks exactly the same like Tony Stark's arc reactor! OMG! Best of all, this Iron Man edition of Samsung Galaxy Edge is preloaded with a custom Avengers theme that will surely make the phone look and feel more SUPER! Watch the following official unboxing video of it:

 photo Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Limited Edition 01_zpskj3hlres.jpg
Unboxed! Look at the wireless charging pad! OMG!

It's like a dream come true for all Iron Man fans with the release of this uber cool Iron Man here comes the BAD NEWS! Apparently, for the time being...Samsung will only be selling this Iron Man Galaxy Edge S6 at 3 countries-South Korea, China and Hong Kong. So no Iron Man-themed Galaxy Edge S6 at other countries? Why o why? So it is a very limited edition after all huh Tony Stark? T_T Guess fans from other countries could only be using the normal Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. *sob*

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey When She Thought There Was NONE

After treating wifey to her delectable birthday dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Malacca, we headed home for a mini birthday celebration. No birthday will be complete without any cakes right? Then again we were too full to have a huge cake, hence I bought my wife a few slices of cakes instead. My wife was already very happy with her dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, so these few slices of cakes were like the icing of her whole birthday. :)

 photo 01 A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey_zpsmnnhriaa.jpg
Let's celebrate Mommy's Birthday. :)

So happily we sang my wifey a birthday song and then we started to dig in to enjoy the cakes. Obviously our little ones especially Jasmine girl, were more excited about the sweet cakes compared to us huh! After we were done, it was almost around 10p.m. I LIED to my wife telling her that I could not get her a gift for her birthday this year and she said it was OK as we already had a sumptuous dinner earlier. Without suspecting anything, all of us went to bed to sleep. When everybody was sound asleep, yours truly rose from my "sleep" and sneaked out of our bedroom.

 photo 02 A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey_zpsrb9lv54k.jpg
Jasmine~you must wait for mommy first. :p

 photo 03 A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey_zpsywnsfdcm.jpg
So it was like your birthday huh Jasmine girl.

 photo 04 A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey_zpssasoha9x.jpg
Happy Birthday my beautiful wifey.

Yes! I did buy my wife a gift. In fact I had bought it one week earlier. How could I not get her a gift right? (I would kill myself if I don't). So I started to prepare the surprise that I wanted to give my wife. Just before midnight, I woke my wife up and led her to the last room in our home. Still having a hard time lifting her eyelids, my sleepy wife was in disbelief when she saw the gifts that I had prepared for her. "Happy Birthday Wifey"! For a moment, she couldn't really say anything....maybe she thought she was still dreaming? To me...that reaction was PRICELESS. LOL :)

 photo 05 A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey_zpssrc8etie.jpg
The "Lead In".

 photo 06 A Surprise Birthday Gift For Wifey_zpshg0lu9ha.jpg
The surprise gift for my wife-An Exercise Bike. :)

P.S.: Hubby hope you will love this birthday gift of yours OK. Now you can exercise more easily and safely at the comfort of our home after come back from work. Muack :-X

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe Malacca-Wifey's Birthday Dinner

We can eat like a pauper on our normal days but we must at least eat like a prince during our birthday. So on my beloved wife's birthday, I treated my wife to a luxurious dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Malacca. I wanted my wife to eat like a queen on her birthday. Ha :D It was our first time dining in this "posh" restaurant since its inception. We pass by this fancy eatery quite often, so to be enjoying our dinner in it was quite a pleasant surprise. In fact my wife didn't know we were going to Hard Rock Cafe for her birthday treat until we turned our car into its parking space. :p

 photo 01 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpstx3lsrcf.jpg
Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe Malacca.

One of the most outstanding part about Hard Rock Cafe Malacca has gotta be their customer service, which is not only uber friendly but also very professional. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, a few waiters and waitresses greeted us warmly and they directed us to the place that we wanted to sit. They were very enthusiastic and they made us feel really appreciated as customers. Since it was still early, we could choose to have our dinner at a comfy sofa.

 photo 02 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsyobkg1pr.jpg
One for the photo.

 photo 03 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsiwzmb8hy.jpg
Jordan boy doodling with his crayons. 

 photo 04 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpscnmdm4v9.jpg
What are you colouring Jasmine girl?

 photo 05 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zps9enwkblt.jpg
Inside Hard Rock Cafe Malacca

 photo 06 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsnt4wd520.jpg
The Bar

 photo 07 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsbwbczlpg.jpg

 photo 08 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpst7qtvn8r.jpg
So when will our dinner be served?

We really love the ambiance in Hard Rock Cafe Malacca. It was really soothing and relaxing. The whole restaurant felt really classy, the lighting and the passion exudes by the waiters did help a lot as well I guess. Speaking about the excellent waiting service, we were really dumbfounded by the personalized and extra care given by all the waiters and waitresses. You see, my wife and I ordered their large Nanchos thinking that all 5 of us (3 adults+2 toddlers) could finish it...however the waitress advised us to take a smaller portion because she was worried that we would not be able to finish all our (other) meals. My! This is what I call 5-star service!

 photo 09 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsggl8do6f.jpg
Dad's coffee. :)

 photo 10 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsmzixyyy3.jpg
Wifey's amazing Strawberry Basil. You should try this.

 photo 11 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsdhtpcqzn.jpg
Our appetizer-Nanchos! This first dish was already very filling. :p

After placing our orders, we eagerly waited for our scrumptious dinner to be served. While waiting, the waiters handed Jordan and Jasmine colouring sets for them to doddle on. Both of them sure had a lot of fun colouring with their crayons. Again~another brilliant plus point for Hard Rock Cafe Malacca for being really kids-friendly. I really didn't expect their services to be this good honestly! As usual our beverages touched down first on our table. Daddy had his usual sip of Cappucino while wifey tried her tantalizing Strawberry Basil drink. :)

 photo 12 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsgkh5vi0h.jpg
Wifey's Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese

 photo 13 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsc3ywk8du.jpg
Can you finish this? :p

 photo 15 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsje2w2v1y.jpg
Daddy's Fish & Chips.

 photo 16 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zps1ihy1haa.jpg
Looks like...a bit too HUGE?

 photo 17 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zps04gtbnru.jpg
Jordan boy holding my barbecue chicken. :D

 photo 18 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsbf4lkbhq.jpg
Look at the slices of perfectly smoked chicken. *drooling*

 photo 20 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zpsurf4ghx9.jpg
Do you think the food here is nice sweetie? :p

After waiting for around 10 minutes, our dinner was served. First up~Daddy met his rather humongous Fish & Chips. I must say that the fillets of seabass were really, really enormous. We didn't expect our meal to be served in such a huge portion. The fries were extremely "large-sized" as well. Next was wifey's Twisted Mac, Chicken and Cheese where the grilled chicken was really, really delectable. Wifey really enjoyed her meal especially the three-cheese sauce that came with it. Last but not least was my Barbeque Chicken. OMG! It was really tender-licking good, just like what they said in the menu-"fork-tender". Ha :D The portion was really huge too.

So how much did we pay to dine in Hard Rock Cafe?

Cappucino RM15.00
Strawberry Basil RM25.00
Nanchos RM43.00
Twister Mac, Chicken & Cheese RM35.00
Fish & Chips RM40.00
Barbecue Chicken RM35.00
GST (6%) RM11.58
Service Charge (10%) RM19.30
TOTAL = RM223.90

All in all our dinner in Hard Rock Cafe Malacca was an enjoyable affair to say the least. We really love the ambiance in Hard Rock Cafe Malacca, the unbelievably good waiting services and of course the scrumptious food. So will we return? Most definitely but...we must be careful not to over-order what we want to eat as the portion of the meals can be really huge for our otherwise small local tummies. Though a bit pricey, dining at Hard Rock Cafe Malacca was still a very pleasant experience for my family. So if you are a Malacca (or in Malacca), perhaps you should pay Hard Rock Cafe a visit.

 photo 21 Hard Rock Cafe Malacca_zps8q98eevx.jpg
Will we come to Hard Rock Cafe Malacca again? Why not? :p


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