Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Best Women's Army Uniform Goes To...

They say that a nation's troop reflects its financial prowess and strength in the world. I totally agree. How about you? But sometimes they say the armies wanted to look trendy too especially the ladies. After having hours of insane training, these "iron ladies" sometimes eager to let us know that they have not lose their intimate feminine side. One of the way to show this is through clothing, but the problem is most of the time they have to don their uniform. So it boils down to how trendy their uniform can be to exude their more tender facet...

In your dreams boy!

Here are a collection of photos (which I received from emails) showing different uniform being worn by the ladies from different countries. Besides being sexy, trendy and stylish, the uniform gotta be pragmatic too. So wanna know who has the best uniform of them all? :)

1~Malaysia: Yay! These are our very own iron ladies!
How come there are 3 different colours? :p

2~Russia: Hmm...they look more like...air stewardess?

3~Israel: Enjoying your lunch aye girls?

4~India: Too many variety!

5~USA: Fuyoh! GI Joe?

6~Brazil: Each of them are hugging a ball?

7~Korea: This is what we call uniformity!
Superb discipline that makes them so robotic! :)

8~China: War...sure or not these China dolls?
They look more like hair stylist ler!

It is really hard to choose a real winner from 8 of our contestants. Each has their very own uniqueness, pros and cons. I almost chose the Koreans as they are so fiercely disciplined while still able to march in those not-so-flexible tight skirts? Gosh! BUT...suddenly we have another entry that had totally blown our earlier entries out of proportion! They are...

| | | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | |
| | | |
| | |
| |

Victor~Pakistan: I'm not sure whether they
are really from Pakistan though. :p

Let me introduce to you guys, WIB (Women In Black)! These sabre black uniforms are ideal for those who employ guerrilla attacking tactics. This makes them hard to be spotted in the dark. In other words they can be stealth. Besides that, their nano-engineered black uniform able to regulate their body temperature so that they are always comfortable. Besides protecting them from the harmful UV (can save the sunblock), these ultra modern uniforms can also accommodate an arsenal of hidden weapons and best of all BOMB for suicide mission!

I believe all the defense ministers in the whole world should model the all-black uniform for its unsurpassed potential in combat. Ha :D Ok! I gotta stop now. Have a nice weekend folks.

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