Friday, April 17, 2009

My Heart Is Touched To See This "Baby"!

Yesterday, while sipping my hot nescafe...I "stumbled upon" something which is really, really interesting. On second thought I would say that I "digged" something truly heart-warming. You see I was reading The Star newspaper and as usual I would scan and flipped through the pages before picking a few topics to focus on. Then my eyes caught something which really "buzz" me. I paused for a while..."blink" for a moment...even the enticing aroma of the coffee beans couldn't distract me from what I saw...

Kanang (left) getting a kiss from the baby orang utan

Kanang, a highly-decorated former soldier who has killed communists deep in Malaysian jungle meet a baby orang utan. Kanang then proposed to send the little baby to Semenggoh! Kanang also added that special care would need to be given to the baby as it was without its mother. Click here to read the full story.

What really touched me is the sight of the baby orang utan kissing Kanang! So sweat~It shows that the "baby" trusted Kanang and feel really safe withing his arms. You know what...for a moment this cute little orang utan really looks like a baby. Especially with the pampers covering its backside! Ha :D This depicts that we-human, is still not that evil to the extend of depriving other species lives! After all...only we can save the world from our own mistakes! Let's sve mother earth and our "friends" before it is too late!

Human CAN!
(loosely translated from Manusia Boleh!)

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