Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dang! Is NuffNang So Kiasu Until They Need To Play Dirty?

DANG! DANG! DANG! A few days ago, Nuffnang stripped off my Glitterati for no apparent reason? Of course I'm darn pissed off about it. WHY? I couldn't remember if I had breached any of Nuffnang's terms and conditions. Hence I click on the Nuffnang's Glitterati page to see if I indeed made any violation and tempered with Glitterati's T&C! There are 5 main T&C that bloggers need to adhere in order to gain the so-called exclusive Glitterati status! I read through them a few times and I'm pretty sure that I did not cross any of the "lines" drawn by Nuffnang!

Heck! Did a technical glitch caused this to happened? Ok, I assumed there's some whinny problem with Nuffnang's crawling bots. I waited for a day...2 days...3 days! Damm it! That's it. I thought they say Nuffnang is very responsive, and yet this happened. Immediately I submitted a "high priority" ticket to Nuffnang's technical team demanding for an explanation. I waited for 1 day and finally I got my answer from Nuffnang in my e-mail! Upon opening the e-mail...I was dumb-struck to receive the ridiculous answer from Nuffnang!

Nuffnang is so KIASU!

Very damm KIASU!

Yeah! I was denied the Glitterati status just because I had a competing ads from Adgitize (which is non-SEA)! But I thought Nuffnang said it is ok to have ads as long it is not from South East Asia! Of course Adgitize is not from South East Asia and absolutely no where near SEA! So why would Nuffnang banned me since I didn't break their Terms and conditions? Isn't what Nuffnang did is clear a sign of "Kiasu". Is it because Nuffnang couldn't compete with other Ad networks fairly and hence they abused their publishers (which is me in this case) by stripping off the Glitterati status in order to gain an edge over other competing ads?

Again, the reason Nuffnang took away my Glitterati status was because I had adgitize on my blog which they claimed ther was a competitor ad running although it is not an Ad company from SEA! Isn't this a measure of incompetence by Nuffnang? I mean is this an obvious sign that Nuffnang couldn't compete in international arena fair and square? I thought Nuffnang should foster healthy competition with other Ad Company so to serve us better. After all we are their "partners". Is Nuffnang trying to manipulate us indirectly and monopolising us by doing so? My foot! Nuffnang is trying to play dirty is it?

So what's next? We will be stripped of the Glitterati status for having Google Ads? Very not likely but it could happen. Who knows right? I earn only a few ringgit per month with Nuffnang compared to Adsense. Meaning I put Nuffnang up in my blog just for the sake of supporting our home soil's company. I'm really crest-fallen with Nuffnang right now. Anyway I have just sent another ticket to Nuffnang asking for their explanation. Let's see what their answer will be this time around. Until then let's wait and see. Period.

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