Monday, March 2, 2009

Must Read For Desperate Men: Expensive Internet Love For You!

To good to be true?

Sorry for that rather suggestive title. Now...It seems that there are more and more desperate men looking for love nowadays! And when their barren runs in the real world fizzle out, these men turn to the virtual world to satiate their needs and lust for flesh Yupe! Technology has really made the world smaller and more accessible for every one. In other words, these men believe it is easier to find love on the internet! Of course it is even easier to be swindled with the aid of technology! It' was supposed to be fairy tale stories for these horny men only to find out that the so-called desperate housewives are framing them up!

Read this excerpt from NST showing
how "Horny" Men got fooled!

"Yes, women are laying traps for men seeking love from the internet! After luring them from the Net to hotel rooms, the women's boyfriends or husbands will appear and accuse the victims of having affairs with their partners, before extorting money from them. MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong said that three men, in their 20s, came to seek his help last year after being cheated in such a way.

"You want a piece of me?"

"The victims had all agreed for 'trysts' with the women they had befriended in chatrooms and Networking sites, before being confronted by men claiming to be the women's husbands or boyfriends. The 'cheated' men then beat up the victims and seize their valuables, before extorting them for money," he said, adding that the women played along as if they were caught unawares when the fact was they had set the trap.

Looks can be deceiving you know!

In one of the cases, the culprit demanded RM50,000 from the victim but after Chong's intervention, the latter got away by paying only a small sum. Chong said there were also other ways one could be cheated, and the latest involved a 28-year-old salesman, who only wanted to be known as Tan. The man lost a laptop and two mobile phones worth RM4,000 to a girl he had met over the Internet. The 24-year-old girl had asked Tan to accompany her to a shopping mall here last Sunday for a "shopping-cum-movie" session.

Don't let her "naive" look get you!

The girl had convinced him to bring along his laptop worth more than RM2,000 and to put it in her car. Barely 30 minutes into the movie, she borrowed the victim's two mobile phones, on the pretext of making some calls, and left the cinema. She never returned. The victim, realising later that he had been duped, lodged a police report and sought Chong's help."

Organ harvesting victim!
You could end up like him!

Are you one of these men who are desperate and trying to "cure your disease"? Beware ok. You have been warned! You never know what you'll end up in. Being bashed, cheated and extorted is no big deal! What if they kill you for organs harvesting in lucrative black markets? We never know right? And those who are married or attached, it pays to be loyal and faithful! So be responsible with your zippers okay!

So, are you ready to find you true love online?

P.S.: Of course, ladies should be careful because you too can end up at the receiving ends of these vice. Worse still you might even get yourself kidnapped for flesh trade! The choice is yours.

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