Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ip Man-Possibly The Best Martial Arts Movie Ever!

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THE BEST!!! It sounds rather presumptuous I must say, but none can deny how breathtaking the fighting scenes are! This latest Hong Kong martial arts semi-biopic movie is based on the life of Ip Man! The revered martial arts Sifu (master) of the well-known Bruce Lee! Yes, all this while there are only movies about his disciple-Bruce Lee. Finally a due tribute is given to a grandmaster who truly deserved it. This movie is so darn good that I had watched not only once but 3 times. YES! THREE times! The maiden preview was with my dearest wife. So entertaining was the movie that I feel so "obliged" to watch it for another few times.

The Legends-Ip Man & Bruce Lee

Of course, such a great plot wouldn't be a master piece without the perfect execution. So kudos to Donnie Yen for breathing life into this character. I'm positive that the late Ip Man will feel honoured by the way Donnie portrayed him. He must be smiling on him from heaven right now. As the title reads, I believe this could be the greatest martial arts movie to date. No disrespect to Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow, but none of them can rival the jaw dropping scenes in Ip Man! The actions were meticulously choreographed! No special effects! No CGI in the fightings! Just pure, flawless, raw kiss-ass actions!

Donnie Yen in action!

Again, without Donnie Yen this movie will be a total flop. Besides him, I can't think of anyone else to play this vital role! It's one gaping hole that only Donnie could fill. I don't think neither Jacky Chan nor Jet Li can fit into Ip Man's role. Jacky Chan would look like a clown, whilst Jet Li will certainly looked like an obese Ip Man. No disrespect to the 2 big stars, but they are just not cut out to play Ip Man! Both of them just don't have the charisma that Donnie exudes. His enigmatic presence in the silver screen is really a joy to watch. Gosh, am I buttering him?

Simply mesmerizing!
I wanna learn Wing Chun too. :D

Ok, enough "jacking up" from me. I guessed a lot of you have watched the movie too right? I wonder if it has landed on the Hollywood's "shores". The setting of the movie take us back to 1930s in Foshan. Back then Foshan thrives as the martial arts hub in China. Ip Man is the renowned Kung Fu master in town, specializing in Wing Chun but he didn't accept any students. In other words, he wanted to be kept low profile. The whole story is very enjoyable and pace started to increase towards the end. The turning point of the movie is when the Japanese invaded Foshan. I'm not going to eloborate further more. You MUST watch the movie. Believe me, you don't wanna miss it.

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