Saturday, January 3, 2009

Titan No More. Now I'm A Glitterati!

It's most probably the hardest decision I had made in the year 2009. I've been thinking about it for quite a while now. I've listed the pros, cons and weighed my options carefully times and again. Finally I made up my mind to end my 7-months relationship with Advertlets. At the beginning of last year, I was using both Advertlets and Nuffnang to serve ads on my blog, but later...both company decided to embark on their own respective loyalty programmes that restrict the inclusion of other ads from SEA! I have to choose...

Bye bye Advertlets!
Hopefully I'll be seeing you again! :'(

So...I dumped Nuffnang in favour of Advertlets. The reason was quite simple back then, I simply didn't like the empty ads that Nuffnang serves (click here to read more). Till today, I still don't like the empty ads that Nuffnang shows. It's like giving them free publicity effortlessly. But then this year, I've decided to give Nuffnang a try. After being an Advertlets Titan for a few months, my earning is relatively very, very low compared to Adsense. It's like I'm not making any money from Advertlets at all. I wanted to discard it...but my patriotism held me back. After all I should be supporting a Malaysian company right?

This is me right now!
Let's see...

Then on new year eve...I pondered about sticking with Advertlets...A cracking decision to make. It's quite sad that I had to part with Advertlets. The only reason I migrated to Nuffnang its because of its Innit! Nothing more. Because I really hate its abusive empty ads. Yupe, I figured I could take advantage of Nuffnang's Innit for a little publicity. So if Advertlets were to shake up a little bit, be more organized and responsive and best of all rolled out their very own version of Innit...I promise I'll switch to Advertlets again!

I hate the empty ad!

My heart is still very much with Advertlets...I could be switching back any time! Perhaps tomorrow. Who knows? But right now I'm a Glitterati! Happy blogging everyone. =)

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