Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Your Are Welcome Karen Kong! :)

You are welcome~;P

You don't have to thank me Karen, In fact I'm the one who should be grateful (more about this later...patience is virtue). After all, we are Malaysians mah! Ok guys, for those of you who didn't have the slightest idea who is Karen Kong (because 50% of my readers are non-Malaysians), she is one of Malaysians brightest stars ever to grace our music landscape. I'm not trying to dramatize her achievements, but she really has what it takes to soar higher than where she is right now. This petite, sweet-looking singer certainly has a quaint voice to match her presence.

I won this CD-Showtime Vol 2!
This you saw the message Karen wrote?

Ok! Actually I'm writing this post to thank Karen personally for her autographed CD+DVD, titled Showtime Vol 2 that she mailed to me for winning the contest in Quachee's blog! I'm very grateful because this is the very 1st time I had an original CD autographed by a superstar, in this case penned by Karen herself! And I don't even have to line up to get it. It was mailed right to my door step! Gosh, I'm equally proud and excited when I received this special package yesterday. Of course, again gracias to Quachee and Prodigee Media!

My winning entry (comment)!

As a matter of fact, it was my dear wife who told me who is Karen Kong. We have seen her performed twice in UKM this year. It's undeniable that Karen is really, really popular right now. The fans and crowds that she commanded back then was enormous. So what's so special about her? I think besides her melodious voice, that one thing that sets her apart from the others is her ability to sing in Malay language. Did you guys know that Kong's debut single was launched in January 2007 and she immediately garnered attention due to her entire album being written in Malay, which is quite unusual for an ethnic Chinese artist in Malaysia.

The many faces of Karen!

I believe she deserved to be among the cream of the crops in Asia! Or perhaps that mouth-watering icing on our favourite Baskin Robin's ice cream. Ha :) Again, thank you to Karen, Quachee and Prodigee Media for their generosity. Of course Karen still has lots of potential yet to be unveiled to us. If you guys wanna listen to her mellifluous voice, go grab her CD.Make sure its original ok. *wink* ;) Let's support Karen Kong ya! To find our more about our diva, check her friendster profile out, click here!

Watch Karen's MTV (above)!

And of course I had won this CD for my dearest wife!

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