Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Need More To Get High!

Ouh...that long since you last got really, really high? Can you still remember that very sensation that you have? That irresistible pleasure...indulging yourself while scenting that "forbidden food"? You know you shouldn't have tasted it...but your lust just got the better of you. Your mind kept telling you that you'll regret it, but your thirst and salaciousness make any endeavour futile. Even your conscious is blighted by your deafening yearning...You have no choice but to get down and really, really enjoy it. Your lips just couldn't resist that craving lure! The next thing you know your hands are all around your prized possession...your fingers frantically trying to "unwrap" any final barriers that restrain you from making yet another sin...but you just couldn't care need it..and you want your hot tongue to feel it this instant...

You must have it right now...

I saw you
and no sooner

wanted you.

I tasted you

and then had no choice

but to devour you

your sticky sweetness

streaming down my chin

while I churned

and surged


to everything


my need

my need

to have you melt

between my fingers

my need

to feel you dancing

on the tip of my tongue.

So did you get your chocolate orgasm? Ha =) Hey, what was you thinking up there. Never mind, keep on doing what your are engaging right now...come back again after this...are you done yet? Haha =) I'm naughty huh. Yupe! So in this post, basically it will be about chocolate and getting high. Everyone of us know that chocolate has a drug-like quality. Yes, this "food of Gods" can make us high. But did you know that some women actually need more to get that high? A new study published last month showed that women whose brains were less activated by the "pleasure" chemical dopamine after they were given a milkshake were more likely to be obese and more likely to gain weight over the course of a year. Correct, they have to gobble up more to get the same pleasure most of us get from eating less.

I was talking about this all the time!

For the time being, there's still no answer to correct this lacksture performance of "choco-lido"! Drug treatmentsare still a far-fetched soultion. But I strongly believe that the findings affect some of us too albeit at different intensity. For example, if we haven't munch a piece of gooey fudge for some time, the 1st bite will ignite fireworks in those dopamine brain regions. But if you have been insanely gorging boxes of chocolates in day...probably you won't have that orgasm that you wanted!

Looks like she just had hers...

Unlike salt, addiction for sweet stuff is really hard to curb! I mean you just can't get enought of it. Yes, that's why some refer it as a potent drug. Hmm...that must be the reason why people keep on frequenting Starbucks and Coffee Bean although the Nescafe I made at home taste better! So how do we break this addiction that leads to weight gain? Easy, avoid sweets altogether until your brain stops craving them. But please don't stuff yourself with other food while your are chocolate-fasting! I admit it must be darn hard for those choco-addicts, but be persists and you'll be handsomely rewarded. Not only you'll have a better figure over time, but also a more gratifying, rapturous chocolate orgasm! And perhaps even more if you are enjoying with your loved one...

Ta~da! The real Chocolate Orgasms?

So have you had your
chocolate orgasm

P.S.: I heard that eating these chocolate-y food can actually increase our libido and sex drive? What say you? *wink* ;P

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