Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Very First Premium Review Reward-Pearls

Me 1stPremium Review Reward!

You guys still remember a post I wrote earlier this month about a website that evoke my pearly memories? Basically it was about a book which I read during my secondary years. The story revolves around a pearl that brings hope and despair to a poor family. Well, that post was actually sponsored by the website owner. Yupe! I'm sure you guys are very familiar with Social Spark and PayPerPost right? In these "marketplace", you can actually hunt for any opportunities to write a sponsored post. And I could see that some blogs are literally stuffed with all the sponsored posts that make reading them nearly impossible. Some has gone too far and got their blogs' Google Juice stripped and Page Rank down the drains.

Ta~da! The black peal earrings.

Although I have signed up with Social Spark and PayPerPost, I had made up my mind not to take up any opportunities from their marketplace. Besides able to denude my Blog's PageRank, one also needs to include a logo in the end of the post that reads "Support My Sponsor"! Nah! I don't like the modus operandi of thier marketplace. Moreover, we are paid less as some money were taken by them (Social Spark & PayPerPost) as service charge I guess. As I mentioned earlier, I was sought after by the webmaster to do an unbiased review of the website. I was given the option to choose either the $10 offer or the $39 (RM140) worth of Pearl Earrings. Of course I choosed the latter. *wink* ;)

2 pearls to rule them all!

And a few weeks ago I was taken aback to find a brown packet lurking in my mail box. I took it tore it . And guess what I saw? Inside, there was a coffee-coloured box hiding...waiting for me to "unlock". With full of trepidation, I opened the chest...slowly, very slowly! Then there they were sitting black pearls. And of course I gave it to my wife. This pair of pearl earrings marked my 1st reward for blogging Premium Review. So far I have only done 2. premium reviews. If you guys want me to do an unbiased premium review for your blog/website, do let me know. Ha ;D

You want one?

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