Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Top 3 Favourite-st Ken Hirai's Song!

A lot of girls are drooling for him...

So who on earth is this Ken Hirai? Can anyone tell me? Well...He was featured in my 3rd blog post when I started blogging late last year. For those who doesn't have the slightest idea, for starters he is a singer. A Japanese R&B and pop singer to be precise. My brother introduced me to this middle-east-looking celebrity when I was in his place late last year. And I couldn't believe he is a Japanese let alone speaking fluent nihongo! Darn, looks can be deceiving huh! His 1st song that had captured my ears (or even heart) since then is Pop Star. Do you guys know that this Pop Star was initially shelved out to mock the other pop stars? But then it was so infectious that it became a household tune across Japan! Ken Hirai has certainly captivated the Japanese with his soulful voice and has many chart-topping singles under his belt. So here are my top 3 Favourite-st Ken Hirai's Song! (P.S. Free downloads are included!)

I thought he's from Iraq!

1. Pop Star
This catchy tune will surely make you have a good laugh and wanting to tap your happy feet to sing along. Don't believe me? You should give it a try. Ha ;D In this video clip, Ken Hirai actually played 7 different characters and animal costumes. Yeah, in the whole video you'll only be seeing his un-Japanese-tanned face. Ready to sing and dance along? Hit it baby! (Click HERE to download Pop Star).

Do you like it? Don't tell me you don't. ;)
To view Pop Star's lyric, click here.

2. Kimi Wa Tomodachi
Yupe! For those who have learnt Japanese language before will instantly know what's the meaning of the song right? Kimi Wa Tomodachi can be translated as You Are My Friend! This is Hirai-kun's 2nd song that I have stumbled upon in YouTube after the snappy Pop Star. Guess what? I had even written a post about friendship with the title-Kimi Wa Tomodachi. It was my final post for the year 2007, feel free to read it here. This single was specially created for the kids to show them the importance of friendship...I think. But really, the song and the video is really meaningful that it catches my heart. Watch it and you might be deeply touched... (Click HERE to download Kimi Wa Tomodachi).

Are you a friend that can be counted? So which is you?
The kid or the dragon? Or the evil soldiers?
To view Kimi Wa Tomodachi's lyric, click here.

3. Hitomi Wo Tojite
This song really, really makes me sober every time I listen to it. In English, Hitomi Wo Tojite denotes Close Your Eyes. Yes, after watching this video once (or twice), you can close your eyes and listen to this song whole-heatedly. Tears stream down my face when I watch this video. It really touches the deepest recesses of my soul and make me miss my beloved mom. Till this day, I still can believe that she had leave me. A beautiful ballad that will leave you teary eyes... :"( *sob! sob!*
(Click HERE to download Hitomi Wo Tojite).

Did you cried? It's ok...I can understand it...
To view Hitomi Wo Tojite's lyric, click here.

Did you guys enjoy the songs and videos? I sure hope you do. In fact, I'm listening to them right now. If you wish to download the songs and play it on your ipod, car or anywhere, please feel free to do so ya. Have a nice day guys. It's getting darn late right now. See you guys again...soon... *wink* ;)

P.S. I'm not a big fan of his lar. But I really like his songs. And I know a friend of mine who is such a damm big fan of Ken Hirai...right Kien? :D

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