Friday, November 14, 2008

Mat Rempit Killed My Colleague

As I walked into the office yesterday morning...I had this nagging feeling that everything seemed a little different. As usual every morning, me and other colleagues from certain department will gather up and have our routine morning briefing. I could clearly noticed that something was amiss when I was approaching them. Typical of me, I greeted my other colleagues...but the response was totally different yesterday...there's no smile in their faces...there's this somber mode in the air...I wonder why. After taking our attendance, one of the managers stepped up and broke a news to us. He said, "One of our colleagues "XXXXX", was involved in a road accident yesterday. Unfortunately he was killed instantly in the freak accident."

What had happened?

WHAT??? I was so dumbfounded when I heard this. I was the last person in my department to found out about this. Perhaps I am a newcomer here. My heart kind of broke down. I stifled my emotion and tears. Although I barely knew him for a month, I still can't hide my emotion for losing a friend. At this time, my other colleagues had started to cry. After all, they have been together for more than a few years. All the time they shared together were now only fragments of memories. Who would have guessed such a tragic fate would fell upon him? Till right now (5 a.m.), the feeling still haven't sink in yet. Honestly I still can't accept it...

Now...these are just...memories...

Just 2 days ago...I chatted and joked with's so unacceptable for me to know that it was my last conversation with him. The air in the office was even more sombre and austere. It was too obvious that a lot were too distraught to speak-let alone to carry out their normal routine as usual. A few colleagues were staring in blanks and looked rather numb...a few others were burrying their face on the, likewise were forcefully carrying out my daily tasks and duties with my mind utterly occupied with what had happened. To's unreasonable that his life ended this way. Why? Why this would occured to him?

Just the day before yesterday...I heard him happily saying, "I would come in a little later today (yesterday). I'm going to my son's school to obtain his UPSR result. I am so excited. I'm sure my boy had did really well!!!" My demised friend was thrilled that he would have the opportunity to obtain his only son's 1st major exam result. Which parents wouldn't right? I was quite happy for him too. But...FATE had other plan for him. A few hours after that...he was in a tragic mishap.

Mat Rempits: A threat to our nation!

You see, he was on his way back home after coming back from work. He reached a crossroad and waited for the green light to shine. Well, the green light came and of course he started riding...and at this exact moment a young motorcyclist came from the side and hit him. Who would have thought that this idiotic "culprit" would still sped after the red light was up for a quite a while on his lane? This f*cking young motorcyclist thought he would got away with it...but unfortunately my friend was in the way and there's no way that f*king boy could have dodge the collision and weaved his way past my colleague's bike. But he did weaved my friend's death!!! The clash some how had slitted my colleague's throat and caused him to bled profusely...the brainless "mat rempit" in the other hand got away with a few bruises and a mild concussion! What the heck? Is this fair? Just because of this f*cking mat rempit's desire to exhibit his so-called riding skills, my colleague was killed! His wife and son was so devastated. In that split seconds...the whole family's dream and hope was shattered...their lives will never be the same anymore...

Sometimes...we need our own justice...

I believe stiffer rules and heavier penalties should be imposed on this satanic motorcyclist who terrorized the live of others. Just because of their recklessness, we have to pay the price! A very, very "expensive" price! Our life are at stake purely for their enjoyment. Shouldn't the government take more drastic and effective measures to counter this never-ending problem? Shouldn't the police draw up a more potent plan to curb these mat rempits? The longer this "cancerous" people are let off lose to roam among us, the more angst and torment we would be in. DAMM! I tell you what...if I were to do it my way...I will seriously did it what The Punisher would have done...end their misery...IMHO they don't deserve to live at all when they are trying to kill others...

P.S.: For those uninitiated...according to wikipedia, Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for 'an individual who participates in illegal street racing', usually involving underbone motorcycles (colloquially known as Kapcai) or scooters. Not all Mat Rempits are involved in street racing; some of them simply ride their motorcycles in a dangerous and haphazard manner for fun. Read more.

Please drive carefully.
Your love ones are waiting for you at home!

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