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Exclusive: Malaysian Cleaner Mauled By White Tigers Missed His Parents!

I'm sure a lot of you have read and heard about the demise of Nordin Bin Mondong who hailed from Sarawak, Malaysia right? A man who sent himself to be eaten by 3 tigers? It's like a meat being thrown to a tiger...will any tiger resist it? I couldn't believe it when I first knew about it, thinking that no sane man will do that. Heck, even those who initially witnessed the horrifying incident thought it was part of a "show" courtesy of Singapore Zoo! It could be, if Nordin was not mauled to his death right? As I mentioned no sane man would have done what he did right? But I strongly believe that the moment before he was attacked by the tiger he was indeed crazy.

These cubs are surely cute right?
Wait till they grow up...

Did you guys know that before he "sacrificed" himself to the tigers, he acted rather strangely. Nordin who was the gorilla park cleaner threw his cutter and meal coupons away before telling his colleague that he is leaving and they will not see him again. He then rode off his bike that led to his death! One of the rattled witnesses, Dutchman W. R. de Boer, visited the Singapore Zoo for a relaxing book-end to a business trip. Instead, the 40-year-old witnessed one of the most horrifying things he has ever seen. Damm! I would be dumbstruck too if I were there...

Dutchman W. R. de Boer got more
than what he bargained for!

Here's an excerpt taken from The New Straits Time:

I'm sorry for the late Nordin's family! :'(

"A CLEANER at the Singapore Zoo who jumped into the white tiger enclosure yesterday was killed by the animals as a horrified crowd looked on helplessly. Malaysian Nordin Montong, 32, was set upon by two of the three big cats in the enclosure at around noon.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr Nordin, who was seen shouting and flinging items about shortly before the incident, vaulted a low wall and landed in a moat in the enclosure, four metres below. Carrying a yellow pail and a broom, he then crossed the 1.75m-deep moat, walked up to a rocky ledge near where the animals were and began agitating them by swinging the broom. As two of the tigers approached him, he covered his head with the pail, lay down on the ground, and curled himself into a foetal position, two eyewitnesses, an Australian couple, told police. Their identities were withheld pending investigations.

How Nordin "commited suicide"!
Click to enlarge!

In a flash, two of the extremely rare white tigers were on him.
One took a swipe at him with its paw - which is about the size of a softball glove - and he began screaming in pain, said another eyewitness, Dutch tourist W. R. de Boer. He said many in the crowd of 30 or so onlookers at the enclosure initially thought the intrusion was part of a show. But when Mr Nordin began screaming, they reacted with horror. ‘Some were screaming: ‘Go away’ to the tigers and others were shouting to scare the tigers,’ he said. The cries alerted zoo staff, and the alarm was raised. About 20 keepers arrived within minutes. Some tried to prevent the attack from continuing by throwing brooms and dustbin covers, while the rest ushered the shocked onlookers away. Also deployed were two zookeepers armed with rifles and live ammunition, but these were not used, said the zoo’s assistant director of zoology, Mr Biswajit Guha.

Despite the efforts of the keepers, one tiger continued attacking Mr Nordin for several minutes, the zoo said in a statement yesterday. It only relented after a door to the tigers’ feeding area was opened. The animals retreated to it, leaving the cleaner motionless on the ground. Once the tigers were in the feeding area, the door separating it from the rest of the enclosure was closed, and keepers were able to reach the cleaner. It was too late, however. Mr Nordin, who hails from Sarawak, had been bitten on the neck and suffered a fractured skull. He died before police arrived."

1~Nordin is seen here, still alive and was using the
broom and yellow pail to ward off the white tigers.
He was also heard crying, "Jesus, help me! I'm sorry ok!"

2~After surrounding Nordin for 2 minutes,
the large male then bit Nordin's neck and
dragged him into their "den" to eat him!

3~The tigers viciously bit and pinned Nordin
who tried to escape. The tigers repeatedly
bit his head, limbs and waist! It was too late...

Well, perhaps some still find this shocking news hard to swallow. I believe those who witnessed it with their own bare eyes wouldn't be able to eradicate these "black" memories from their brain. And my condolences to Nordin's family. Did you guys know that Nordin was the main breadwinner of his family? I'm not sure how his family will cope with this traumatic incident. It will take a lot, a lot of time for their wounds to heal...but there'll still be scars...

Nordin's neck was literally ripped off from his head...
Yes. This is what I found out from the Chinese Dailies. His neck was broken and almost bitten off by the tigers. There was a big hole in Nordin's head/skull. The tigers had bitten his neck forcefully and brutally...causing his head to be (almost) ripped off from the neck with only a thin layer of flesh and skin holding the head and neck together... Moreover his brains were "oozing" out from the huge hole in his skull!

The incident happened 2 hours before feeding time...
And that could be the reason why the tigers viciously attacked Nordin and tried to eat him alive. The tigers did try to verify if Nordin was "edible" by pawing him before they mauled him right? Besides being agitated...the tigers might thought that Nordin was their "live" food given to them by the zookeepers. In other words, Nordin was at the wrong place and wrong time to throw his tantrum (and life)! The hungry tigers did what they have been doing for their meals. In this case-Nordin...

Nordin really, really missed his parents...
Who wouldn't right? I'm sure it was very tough for Nordin to be distanced from his parents who he have been together for a few decades. He had been living with his old folks for more than 30 years before coming to Singapore to earn a better living for his beloved family back at home. Perhaps his homesickness drove him crazy and went deranged...he then tried to take it off on the "tame" tigers. When he realized how "dead" he was really too late. Not even Jesus can help him. *sob* :( But then again...might it be plausible that he was alienated and mistreated during his tenure in the zoo? I'm thinking whether Nordin was bulled by his colleagues? Or could it be that he was not allowed to return to Sarawak to meet his parents by his employer (Sun City Maintenance)? God knows...'s too late...
to thing about anything...anymore...

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