Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't Leave Your Pet Home Alone

I'm sure most of you have watched Home Alone right? Do you still remember the movie? It was a Christmas movie back in 1990. This movie revolves around an eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) who is mocked by his older siblings round-the-clock and believes he is mistreated by his family, to which he screams "I'm living alone!" Kevin was left alone at home while his family go on a vacation because they miscounted a neighbour child being in the way. Then all hell break lose in the house as Kevin is now all alone. Sounds familiar right? But this is not the main idea I blog today...

Wanna watch it again?

Ok, so here's the main reason why this post is published-Don't leave your pet home alone...especially if you are going for a vacation. Well, if you couldn't take it along with you, ask your family, relatives or friend to take care of you little "baby" when you are away. You see, pets left home alone are more likely to develop behaviour problems such as incessant barking, chewing or scratching furniture, says Dr Marty Becker, a veterinarian in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. He also said that our pets need to be stimulated mentally. In other words, if you were to leave your poor bulldog alone, you'd better find a way to "stimulate" it's brain!

They'll miss you too...
They, too have feelings.

One clever way to do this is by giving your pets special food! A~ha! So what's the secret recipe? Take note: with new innovative "food puzzles," your dog can work for food in a fun, challenging way. (Damm! I'm a dog I would rather sleep. Ha ;D) To start, fill a puzzle with kibble, and your pets will paw, roll or push the toy to make the food fall out. Once your pets can master it, put up to a day's worth of food in a few puzzle to keep your pets busy and moving. These puzzles will keep them engaged and active. And the reward when you come back home is having your dogs' tails moving like helicopter rotors with bright eyes greeting your homecoming. Best of all, now chewed shoes covered with saliva and no torn sofas. LOL.

Toys for your home-alone "babies"!

And here's some suggestions on what you can buy for your pets during this Christmas. I'm sure they are eagerly waiting!

2~Buster Food Cube
3~Kong Stuff-A-Ball

I'm sure your pets will enjoy these toys as they can get food. Yupe! Let them play and eat while waiting for you to come back. BUT, I still strongly believe that our pets need our affection and our love more than anything else. So, don't forget to bond and give your pets more human touch ok. Those toys can substitute their yearning for your attention and care. Lsat but not least, please treat your pets with respect and love. Don't hurt or torture them! *wink* ;)

Don't leave them alone.

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