Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eying For Love?

Have any of you been to a speed date before? Or you parents will arrange a blind date for you? But for those who have been joining this cupid-kind-of parties, here's something relatively new. Instead of making small talks with a stranger for 2 minutes about your job, age and place or birth, busy singles in the world are signing up for eye-gazing parties. Ok, here's what happens in this party: Singles sit and stare each other in silence for 3 minutes at a time. Deprived of words and pick-up lines, gazers size up their date through gesturing, posture and facial expression. So make sure you have don't get any botox injection before these parties.

They are clicking aren't they?

If you are an outright chatterbox and silence is not golden (at least to you), perhaps Traffic Parties could be your cup of tea then. And why is it called traffic? Easy, it has something to do with the traffic lights. Read on to find out. In this party, partygoers pick a coloured glow-in-the-dark necklace that indicates their respective mood-green for "come on over," yellow for "maybe," red for "don't even think about it." Talk about straight to the point heh! Well, you better obey the traffic lights if not you'll be in a massive "accident"!

In America sportier singles can combine their passion for putting and pairing up by joining the American Singles Golf Association. The promoters are pushing the "18 holes golf as a more leisurely way to get to know a date than in a loud bar" angle. Hmm...I wonder if this is Tiger Woods' idea. Anyway this sounds like fun to me. To bad I don't play golf.

Ok, here's something for those brainies. For those who want to flex their brain-power while searching for love, Singles' Spelling Bee Nights are a new hit. Nerds will be happy to know about this. *quipped* Fuelled by the popularity of documentaries such as Spellbound, singles can visit a bar, order a cocktail and show off their spelling prowess to all. So for those who want to join make sure you practise okay!

And there are even love-in events on public transport, at least in US. A California commuter train has a special carriage for singles called "Romance on the Rails". Well! Well! Will all these new parties popping up, will speed dating acclimatize to these new ideas? I thing Malaysian singles are still catching with these novels way to meet and mingle. But I'm sure it will happen soon. *wink* ;)

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