Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Breakfast: Minced Chicken+Bread+Milo

It's Friday already. So for you guys who are working I'm sure you are now in office...or you know...working at somewhere. What the heck am I talking. Anyway, for those who are in college, are you up yet? So have you guys eaten your breakfast yet? Or you will be waiting for another while for branch? I have just prepared my hearty breakfast for today. It's Minced chicken meat sandwiched with bread plus one hot yummy Milo! Want to try? So no roti canai and teh tarik today.

The ingredients!

Prepare the bread

My favourite Milo!

In fact I have these all in my tummy already! =)

I know this breakfast is really simple. But don't let it deceive you, the bread sandwiched with plenty of minced chicken is surely a bliss to sink my teeth in. And as for Milo, it's extra, extra "KAO" (aka thick) one! Ha =) So have you guys taken your breakfast yet? Hungry already?

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