Friday, September 19, 2008

She Is Simply Insatiable

I was grabbing some vegetarian food for mommy. Then I past this shop where I know someone is calling upon me. I recognised this luscious voice. She whispered my name, urging me to come to her again! But I had promised my wife not to see her anymore. How can I do this to my dearest wife? But she is too irresistible for me to say NO. I walked in to have a glimpse of her. Just a sneak peek I told myself. I tried to peer on her secretly. Ouh...she is simply alluring for any man to say no. Her flirtatious body simply made me crave for her more. Not even for a faithful man like me. She has this deep chilling look that will freeze any man in his tracks. BUT I tried to keep my senses and I steeled myself up. I said, "I'm not going to fall for this again!" But as soon as I turned my back on her, she called me.

Nah, not this she lar!

Her sensual voice had simply hooked me up. I just can't resist her anymore. I haven' t seen her for a few days. I really, really missed her and I must have feel her. I just couldn't control myself anymore...My lust for her get the better of me...I'm sorry wife...I gotta get her...I just can't curb my insatiable crave for her...

Yes, this the she I meant. Ha =)

I gotta get my favourite Nescafe Ice with Deep Chill Sensation which is available in that shop. Ha =) Did I get you guys? Well! Well! It's been a few days since I last licked on any drops of Nescafe. I tried hard to resist...but Nescafe got the better of me. All my "nescafe fasting" had gone down the drain again. Shame on me. Hopefully me wife won't "ground" me. If she found out the empty can of Nescafe, I will have to listen to a "few tracks of music" again! But I know she did it for me...Shame on me...but it felt great to have a can of Nescafe again! =)

So do you guys have such crave? I have to admit that I'm a full-fledged "coffeeholic"! Can't help, I guess it is in my blood. But I'm sure this is a habit that I can control over time. But for the time being, I bet it's ok too indulge in caffeine once in a while huh.

Last but not least since this Nescafe is so insatiable, I am more than happy to share with you guys a song by Darren Hayes. His 2004 single is called Insatiable. So, do enjoy this edition of Juke-Blog ya! And yeah, NEVER cheat on your spouse or partner ok. But it's ok to drink coffee. *wink* ;)

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