Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chrome: Google's Best Weapon To Date

I'm sure by now millions have been toying around with Chrome, Google's latest product right? True to the title of this post, Chrome could very well become Google's most influential weapon in its bid to become the unbeatable. This new "graduate" from Google's lab generated more buzz online than any other Google's products.

Chrome is built from scratch and hence it does features some of the innovations not found in other browser. And one of the most noticeable features is when a user opens a tab in Chrome, each tab runs as a separate process. That's something new right? This multi-process approach has its own dedicated memory and copy of global data structures. Although this adoption requires more memory up front, but it said to eliminate memory fragmentation which can eat up more memory in extended use which is often the case in single-threaded browsers (IE etc).

So with this multi-process architecture, any misbehaving site that is causing the browser to crash can be solved by only closing the offending tab without affecting the other open tabs. Likewise, a crash in single-process browser such as IE (Yes, I hate IE) would caused the whole browser to shut down! Well, this very much spells DOOM for Microsoft's IE, unless they started to google up new innovations.

Chrome's advent sees Google stepping into yet another "back yard" currently dominated by IE and Firefox. It's a little strange that Google decided to introduce Chrome since it is Firefox biggest supporters. But that would explain why Google is not continuing the Firefox referrals programs in Adsense anymore. Is this a steps toward dissociating between Google and Firefox? I don't know but Google stresses that it's better to have 2 competing open-source browser to spur innovation.

Last but not least, why would I say that Chrome is Google's Best Weapon to date? Simply put, the more people using Chrome, the more data Google will gather about what we consumers are doing online, which can only benefit Google's already strong lead in global search market. Perhaps Chrome is the One Box For Everything that Google need to dominate the internet!


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