Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Face-kinis" For Swimmers & Beachgoers [PICS]

I am sure you (especially men) have heard and admired those beautiful bikinis right? Now...have you heard of "Face-kinis"? Is this some sort of funny stuff coined after Facebook? has been around for years and only now I know "Face-kinis" exist. Ha :D Just like Bikinis, "Face-kinis" are worn by swimmers and beachgoers to protect their faces (of course). Sounds pretty absurd right? But that is exactly what is happening in China right now. It's like all these "Face-kinis" are all the rage onChinese beaches.

Can you spot the "Face-kini"?

While our counterparts in the West prefer to have their skin tanned to golden perfection (or is it bronze), the fairer sex in China has always believed that fair complexion means health. In the east, Tan is usually associated with a life of outdoor peasant work; likewise a snowy white complexion implies beauty and luxury. That is why Chinese beachgoers are doing everything they can like wearing "Face-kinis" to protect their pretty face...or at least their fair complexion. A "Face-kini" is a nylon face mask worn to shield all those harmful UV which will cause pigmentation. OMG! Won't it feel like you are being "ovened"?

"Face-kini" can protect your face from the harmful UVs!

So don't be shocked if you are on a beach in China, seeing a lot of masked women swimming and hanging around. No...they are not superheroes... Haha :D But they sure look ridiculously funny, don't you think so? These colourful "Face-kinis" can be bought at local swim shops for US$2 to US$4, though some opt to make their own. Besides shielding the wearer from harmful UV, these "Face-kinis" can also protect the wearer from insects bite and jellyfish stings. Aww...sounds plausible.

SuperFaceKinis In Action
I heard someone calling for help...

Where did the voice come from?

OMG! We are too late...

Never mind...let's go sunbathing again...

It has been reported that "Face-kini" was invented 7 years ago. I wonder who came up with such a "brilliant, novel" idea! Thanks to him or her, "Face-kini" has become viral among swimmers and beachgoers in China. Then again...wouldn't it be better and more comfortable to apply sunblock with SPF1000? Ha :D Wait...wouldn't it be better if you just stay indoor and come out only after the sun has set to avoid the UV? Hmm...perhaps they do want to be a superhero just like Spiderman. They wanna feel how it is like to be behind the mask-Face-kini...

Another reason to wear "Face-kini"-to cover up your wrinkles...

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