Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby Jasmine Enjoys Sitting In Her Stroller [PICS]

Our Jasmine girl is already 9 months old and she is getting bigger and bigger (and she packs quite a punch). She has become agile and loves to explore her surrounding. Now that she can sit on her own, Jasmine girl is even more eager to explore her world. And how can she do that? The only way is to sit in her stroller and being pushed by daddy and mommy. Ha :D To Jasmine girl, her stroller is like a space ship that can bring her around the universe to check out other stars and galaxies. :p

So where shall we go now?

All she needs to do is sit down and buckle up. Jasmine knows that once the safety belts have been fasten, her stroller will be moving in autopilot mode without needing her to navigate manually. Sometimes her "autopilot mode" will disengage when daddy and mommy stop to attend to something else like picking some stuffs to put into the shopping cart? Ha :D Then she will look at us, urging us to return to our positions ASAP. Or else...she will be screaming.

I wanna go buy sweet~sweet~

Why we are not moving? Hurry up!

Hurry up~amm~amm~amm~

It's a joy to see Jasmine girl looking around, observing what is happening around her. It's like she is learning   a lot right in her stroller. We have traveled to many places, shopping malls, our neighborhood and parks. I believe she enjoys her ride a lot as most of the time she will be smiling and laughing. Why not? Especially when you have 2 chauffeurs for your autopilot mode.

Our precious little Jasmine girl. :)

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