Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's Draw Something & Bite Bite Bite!

What a title for a blog post huh! Can you guess what I am about to share with you guys today without scrolling down any further? What come to your mind the moment you read the title? Is it about Draw Something-the famous game for iOS and Android that got me so addicted for like 1 week? Perhaps something similar to say the least. Then how about bite~bite~bite? Is it about food? Still clueless? Then let's find out...

Bite~Bite~Bite and DrawSomething. :)

Was this what you were thinking a moment ago? If you are not one of my regular is very unlikely you will be able to get anywhere close. If you have been following me, you know it is about my 2 precious babies. I bought these 2 toys for my little ones some time ago. The magnetic doodle board is for my Jordan boy to DrawSomething; while the teething ring is for my little Jasmine to bite~biTE~BITE! Haha :D I hope my 2 babies will love their 2 toys dearly.

Let's DrawSomething!

First, you will need a "pencil". :)

Jordan boy drawing something. :p

My wife told me that he doodles every morning after he wakes up. :)

My Jordan boy is 2 years old now. Besides running around and climbing here and there, I am hoping that Jordan will be doing something a bit artistic! His daddy and mommy are relatively good (a~hem) in drawing and painting, so we are hoping that we can bring out the Picasso in him. So besides throwing toys and mowing down everything in his way with his trucks and bike...drawing should be a great activity for our Jordan boy. Hope the magnetic doodle board will be durable enough for him. :p

Jasmine's girl teething ring!

Looks like a durable toy.

Time to bite...I mean play, with you new toy.

I wanna bite~bite~bite!

Hmm...I wonder what is its taste...

Daddy~are they yummy to be mam mam (eaten)?

As for our little Princess Jasmine...I got her something that she really...really...loves a lot-TEETHING RING! So basically the purpose of her new toy was bitten. I can see our Jasmine girl derives so much pleasure from sinking her gums and teeth into the poor toy. Haha :D Well...of course the toy is tough enough to be tortured. We hope the teething ring will help our Jasmine girl to have better gums and teeth and more importantly serves something for her to vent her anger if she is having teething pain. :p

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