Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Men Chelsea Had Beaten Barcelona 2-2 (3-2) @ Camp Nou

Chelsea had BEATEN Barcelona 2-2, with an aggregate of 3-2, to advance to the final of Champions League with 10 men standing! The Londoners did this in the Catalans very own backyard-Camp Nou, which is supposed to be their stronghold! Unbelievable! This is arguably Chelsea's greatest victory yet. Imagine how agonized were Chelsea when John Terry was red-carded for kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the 37th minute. How did Chelsea manage to survive with 10 men on the pitch for the remaining 53 minutes is another amazing feat itself!

By the way...I am not a fan of Chelsea to begin with.
I just feel that the Blues have played amazingly to beat Barcelona!
Torres scored in the 90th minute to bury Barcelona!

But the 10 men from Chelsea had surely proved that they are better than the 11 Barcelona players on the pitch. When John Terry was sent off...Chelsea was down 0-1. BUT...When the referee blew the final whistle...Chelsea had leveled 2-2. Isn't this a victory? This meant that for the first time in Chelsea's history, they are in the final of Champions League. Bring on Real Madrid or the Bavarians. Will this finally convince Abramovich to make Di Matteo as Chelsea's permanent manager? I believe he deserves to be.

Chelsea proved that possessions means nothing!

As usual Barcelona controlled the lion's share of the possession with 82% compared to Chelsea's 18%. Does it matter? Not anymore...Real Madrid has already proved that posession meant nothing by beating the Catalans on Saturday. This has shown that Barcelona's famed tiki taka means nothing anymore! Barcelona can be beaten. They are mortals that bleed too...and today...the arrogant Barcelona has been brought down on their knees by a humble Chelsea fighters.

1-0: Sergio Busquests put Barcelona in front!

John Terry was sent off.

2-0: Iniesta scored for the Catalans.

2-1: Ramires magnificent chip!

Messi missed his penalty!

2-2: Torres rounded off the helpless Valdes to score.

Iniesta scored Barcelona's second goal to make it 2-0. Chelsea looked dead until Ramires scored a glorious chip over Victor Valdes. 2-1. Then after the restart Drogba conceded a penalty for Messi. But then again...even the Catalans most worshiped God-Lionel Messi, couldn't lift Barcelona out of their misery. Messi had the golden opportunity to bury the game...BUT Messi missed the 49-minute penalty by crashing it against the crossbar. That effectively means Messi had never scored against Chelsea...for the 8th consecutive games.

Chelsea's best ever victory!

It looked as if Chelsea is going to be beaten with a scoreline of 2-1 with Barcelona kept on attacking the Londoner's goal...then a long clearance in the stoppage time found Torres who had 50 yards of free space to run. The 50 million Torres rounded off Valdes and put the ball behind the net...and the rest is history. Chelsea managed to hold beat Barcelona 2-2 in their very own backyard. Although Chelsea will not have Terry, Ivanovic and even Ramires for the doesn't matter anymore. Chelsea has proved that they are better than Barcelona not once...but twice! Congratulations Chelsea!

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