Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Final Indulgence @ Starbucks

Recently something happened...I decided that I need to have a change in my lifestyle. All this while, I have always thought that as long as I have enough exercise, I can stuff as much food as I like into my mouth. I would devour a bar of chocolate right after my heavy meal with 3 bowls of rice and 5 different dishes; I could eat like 4 slices of mille crepe and guzzle a huge mug of coke! The problem is...I am not as active as I used to be. Used to play basketball and football 3 hours a even 15 minutes. Of course I realize where I am heading...and yet I choose to be ignorant until...


...Until one day when my wife told me that her colleague's husband had a mild cardiac arrest and needed surgery to "correct" his conditions. A balloon was also blown into his congested artery to break apart all those hardened fat. He has to consume medication...for his entire life...and the worst part is...the doctor said it will happen again! OMG! No way I wanna live such a life. Besides I can't imagine what will happen to my wife and babies if I had a heart attack! Damn it! That is why I have decided that I need to cut down on my calorie intake and be more active! I even promised my wife that I will try to refrain myself from my favourite nasi lemak ("fat" rice aka coconut milk rice). I have to...for the sake of my loved ones...

So what should I indulge on?

Can you guess what drink did I order?

So on the final day of February...which was 29th...I went to Starbucks to "symbolically" end my unhealthy lifestyle. Haha :D I told myself that after this final indulgence of mine, I will try to eat more healthily.  I chose Starbucks as the holy ground for me to carry out my elaborate "ceremony". :p I ordered a huge mug of hot Cocoa Cappuccino and a slice of Chocolate Tuxedo. I brought my final indulgence to my table...I look at my coffee and cake for a while..."So this is it!". I slowly enjoy my Chocolate Tuxedo. I savoured every single spoon of those sinful cake that I shoved into my mouth. Then I sipped my Cocoa Cappuccino...slowly...while scenting the unmistakable aroma...

My final indulgence...

Ouh...Chocolate Tuxedo...Will we ever meet again?

Cocoa this our first and last meeting?

I emptied the huge Starbucks mug and placed it on the table. So that was final indulgence. Mixed emotions were spiraling in me. But I know this is the right thing to do. I stood up and left. I hope I have "left" what I went there to do. I am relatively too young (going to be 27 soon) to decay my own body with those unhealthy food and beverages. I have intoxicated myself way too much. I still have a long journey to trot with my wife, son and daughter. I am not going to let down. Reality check. Time to be healthy again...hopefully...

This is it...

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