Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To You Wifey

Just a moment ago, my family and I celebrated my wife's birthday. Time flies huh~it feels like I have just celebrated my wife's birthday some time ago and now...another birthday? LOL :D Initially I wanted bring my wife out to celebrate her birthday but she insisted on staying at home to celebrate her big day. My wife wanted us to celebrate her birthday in a simple manner without much fanfare. So no fancy restaurant, no expensive food.  I reluctantly gave in because I wanna make today a special day.

Our yummy food. :p

However it turned out that my wife's birthday celebration, at our living room felt much better compared than dining in Sushi King or restaurants. Perhaps we got to be closer to each other? We felt more comfortable? Maybe it was because we got to watch our TVB drama while enjoying our food. Haha :D So what did we have for this birthday bash? Nothing much actually...Satay and deep-fried chicken wings. Yet we feel so happy while we feasted on our food. Aww...I like this kind of quality time that we spend together. :)

It's feasting time. :D

I did gave my wife 3 surprises though. The first one is in the form of Choc Lady birthday cake. My wife didn't expect to have another right after our feast. That is because I bought her a slice of Nadeje Mille Crepe for her lunch today. So she was a bit shocked to see her cake just now. Haha :D Of course I also bought my wife's favourite ice cream-Magnum. I bought not 1 but 3 different flavours for her to choose from. I wonder which tastes better: Almond? Classic? Or Chocolate Truffle? Gotta ask my wife after she has done eating all 3 of them. :p

Choc Lady for my wife. :)

Mommy~your babies bought this for you. :p

Jordan boy is helping mommy to taste the cake. :p

The 3 different flavours of Magnum. :p

Avril's Goodbye Lullaby.

Of course I didn't forget to get a gift for my wife. I got my wife Avril Lavinge's latest album Goodbye Lullaby. I am sure my wife will love this Album from Avril. Haha :D So now she can blast Avril's songs while she is driving. Yay! All in all I just wanna wish my dearest wife happy birthday. You are one year older now sweetie. :p May you have a great year ahead of you yeah. Don't worry I will always be by your side to make it great. Love you. :-X

Happy Birthday! You are one year older now wifey. :p

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