Friday, December 9, 2011

What Was On Jordan's Face?

Recently my baby Jordan has been scratching his face quite a lot. He keeps on scratching his forehead, cheeks and the areas around his ears because he feels itchy. My wife and I didn't know what had happened. There are 2 possible causes. The first reason which is highly unlikely is due to allergic which we are clueless...allergic to what? The second possible cause is because of nasty mosquitoes bites. His scratching is scarring his face. So my wife and I decided to apply something on his face, hoping that it will heal. Can you tell what had we applied?

"My face pain~pain. So daddy applied something on my face."

"Daddy said I mustn't touch it."

"Hopefully I will get well soon~o."

"Can I mam~mam it or not daddy?"

"Yerr...daddy, why the taste is so weird?"

So do you know what I had applied onto his face? Was it talcum? Or was it lotion? Or it might even be toothpaste? LOL :D Try to link to your very own experience and see if you can guess the answer correctly. After you have tried (really, really hard), compare your answer to the one on the bottom right corner of my blog. Yes! The answer can be found on my blog's footer. :)

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