Monday, November 7, 2011

Heidi Klum's Sexy Skinless Dead Body

She is DEAD? What? Heidi Klum the German-American model who is married to Seal? A lot of eyewitnesses has seen her skinless dead body. *gasp* Yes...apparently Heidi Klum has been confirmed to be dead for one day...which was on Halloween. You see this coming, didn't you? So yes...Heidi Klum's Halloween costume for this year is her very own...SKINLESS dead body. So basically she has been walking around with her own cadaver during this year's edition of Halloween. Goodness~suddenly I felt chill down my spine.

Heidi Klum in her own dead body.

For your information Heidi Klum has been known to choose only the weirdest, scariest and creepiest Halloween costumes. Last year she was a purplish transformer-cum-alien extraterrestrial being. No wonder this year Heidi Klum chose to rise from the dead and appear in her very own Sexy Skinless Dead Body at the 12th Annual Halloween Party at Tao Night Club in Las Vegas on the 29th of October. Of course such a stunningly gory costume has got to be accompanied by an equally stunning entrance right?

OMG~It's like...she is a walking cadaver.

The blood and muscles on her still looks very fresh...and real.

Can you guess how she made her entrance during the party? Nope...she didn't walk...Heidi Klum was wheeled on a gurney by 2 blood-spattered doctors. Her dead body was being laid on the gurney, covered with a blood-stained white sheet. Yikes! Talking about a grand entrance aye? When she rose from her death, all eyes were on her (dead body) and of course their jaws dropped as well. She then posed on the red carpet FLAUNTING her veins, muscles, and even her blood.

The dead body of Heidi Klum...has been wheeled in.

Wait...she is still alive...

And she is going to come to you...

I must admit that I have, never ever seen an undead (costume) in such realistic details. Heidi Klum's dead body costume looked just like her...well...dead body. All the details on her dead body looked so amazingly believable. Just look at her scalp, her blood-shot pupils, her yellowish, aged teeth and her bony feet. Everything about Heidi's costume looked so real, as if her first layer of skin had been really ripped off. Do you know it Heidi more than 3 hours to complete the whole body make-up. Wow! Now that's a lot of commitments and dedication for Halloween.

Up Close & Personal: Meet Heidi Klum in flesh.

Those teeth have really aged...

Heidi Klum really takes her Halloween costume seriously huh! She pays attention to every single details right to the tiny veins. It is like this Halloween costume is her fashion statement aye. All in all I think Heidi Klum is really one cool woman. Tell me how many ladies you know out there are willing to "bare it all" in the ugly way, just like what Heidi did? So hats off to this German model for showing us, possibly the best Halloween Costume in years. I doubt she, herself can top this in the future. :p

So what's the best Halloween costume you have ever seen?

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