Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cat Scratch DJ Mixing Desk For Your Cats!

I am sure cat lovers will love to have this latest invention for cats. Behold a DJ mixing desk designed exclusively for cats. Now you can train your cats to be a DJ with this latest furniture produced by Suck UKThis unique DJ mixing desk known as Cat Scratch is actually a scratch mat for your feline friends. This is of course different from the usual tall scratch poll that your cats love to scratch and do poll-dancing. This toy actually looks like a turntable, complete with a record. Best of all this Cat Scratch also comes with a movable record stylus arm.

OMG~is that a DJ? I mean a Cat DJ?

Moreover when a cat paws at the record, it will actually spin. Hence making the whole DJ mixing desk setup more believable. As if your cat can now mix a song for your while you groove to the music. So besides your leather L-shaped sofa and their boring scratching polls, your cats can actually play with this new awesome toy. With Cat Scratch you cats can mark their territories in a more enjoyable, funky way. So are you willing to fork out £15 (RM74) to bring out the DJing talent in your cats?

Cat Scratch for the musicians in your cats. :p

It looks exactly like the real DJ mixing desk right?

I must admit this DJ mixing desk exudes with characters!


£15 (RM74) for this Cat Scratch. Not bad at all aye?

This is surely a great toy for them to flex their muscles and claws. LOL :D Aww...the people from Suck UK have really done a great job in making this piece of novelty for cats and their owners. So no more watching in horror as your cats unleash their claws to shred your couch into pieces. Now you can sit back, look and giggle at your cats while they spin scratch their record. I bet the sound they made with their claws are music to your ears aye, cat lovers?

Ready to groove to Paul Van Duk's mixing?

Talking about DJ spinning the record. Would you like to catch a glimpse of the one and only Paul Van Dyk? He is by the far the most recognized superstar DJ in the world. Besides being a musician and a producer, do you that Paul Van Dyk is also a Grammy-Award winning DJ? You can catch this talented 2-times World No.1 DJ in action at XPLAY Future Sound System at Helipad @ Sepang International Circuit. Mark your calender right now: 22nd October at 7p.m. sharp.

DJ Shy can strut her stuff in the water too!

Well...those in Sabah and Sarawak might think that why all the best parties are only happening in peninsular Malaysia right? Fret not. Wanna know why? Because in just a few days' time, you will be served by the world's best DJs in Sabah. All the people in KK~raise your hands. XPLAY will be jamming Kota Kinabalu on the 8th of October (this Saturday). Wanna know who will be there? May I present you the world's first ad only on air female mixer for America's Top 40 radio station-DJ Shy. I bet she is not as shy as her name portray aye? Apart from her, MC Vibe, DJ Point and DJ Nuold will all bringing the house down at KK! Click HERE For more information about the XPLAY part in KK. :)

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