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4 True Stories About Deadly Phone Distractions

It is Halloween and they say during this time accidents occurred more easily due to unknown reasons. I am not sure whether this so-called increase in unfortunate events during the unholy time is true or not. But I do know that road accidents are more likely to happen when we are using our phones while driving. Still remember my previous blog post: What Happens When You Use Your Handphone While Driving? I am sure the graphical "evidence" shown in that post is a grave reminder for all of us right? Still not convinced why you shouldn't even glance at your phone while you are in car? Here's a few true stories...


4 True Stories About Deadly Phone Distractions

1~All of you know about the danger of sending text messages or using your so-called smartphone while driving. Apparently, this warning didn't seem to sink in. In 2008, Fox News reported that there was a terrible train wreck in California. At least 20 people were killed and another 85 were injured during this accident. Do you know why? This happened because the Metrolink engineer who was on duty FAILED to respond to a red light signal because he was texting. Great...

2~If you are driving and texting at the same time...you are risking something bad to happen. In other words...you are inviting accidents to befall upon you. ABC News revealed that a tractor trailer collided with a small car in New York. Apparently the driver of the small car, Bailey Goodman, was texting when the collision happened. That's not all...she was carrying 4 other cheerleaders who were celebrating their high school graduation together. YES...ALL 4 of the cheerleaders were killed in the accident. Who should be blamed?


3~It seems that little children with promising future were not spared from the carelessness of these idiotic "road" phone users. On February 2007, ABC News reported that a bus driver lost control of the wheel because he was using his phone. The bus driver was killed...how about the 30 students who were in the bus at that time? They all ended up in hospital-they survived. Thank goodness He claimed only the culprit.

4~This happened around 5 years ago. In August 2006...a lorry driver killed a woman while he was driving and using his cell phone at the same time. The DailyMail reported that the murderer-John Payne, 31, was distracted while entering a number into his phone. He then hit a car which was at a complete stop. His lorry just simply rolled right on to the stationary car, crushing the female driver to death. If that was not horrible enough...the accident also caused the unfortunate dead woman's car to catch fire and BURN her body. At least another 6 cars were also destroyed in the bizarre accident. Payne initially denied that he used his handphone while driving but later confessed that he had depression and anxiety. So just because you are depressed and anxious...you can kill someone?

These 4 true stories are not being fabricated for the sake or scaring you. It is a reminder for all of us to stop using our phone while we are on the road regardless of whether we are moving or immobile. So you STILL think you are a smart, glamorous social butterfly who text, call, tweet, update your Facebook or simply checking in some places using your Foursquare while you are driving? Think again...It only takes a split second to rob someone's precious life (and their family as well). Do you wanna be a murderer? Do you wanna stain both your hands with blood just because of your smartphone? Do you...

Do you want this to happen just because of you and your SMARTphones?

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