Friday, August 12, 2011

The Pink Bonia Purse That I Bought For My Wife

Finally, today I managed to steal some time to buy my wife a new purse. The old one that I bought for her has already shown the effects of wear and tear-holes. Then again, it might be due to the fact that her old purse only cost me RM10. That's why it became "holey" in just a few months' time. Hence this (late) afternoon I scourged the whole Jusco Aeon Bandaraya to look for the perfect purse for my wife. It really wasn't easy to buy a purse for a woman huh! I think I searched for hours...

The place where I found the perfect purse for my wife...

I searched high and low for that elusive purse that can match my wife's exquisite taste. I went to Jusco's department store and found that all the purses were rather too big or the design and color were too old for my  wife's liking. :p I went to Sembonia...old and dull. I walked over the Voir...only 1 design available (unbelievable). Damn~now I understand why women can spend such a long time looking for the perfect clothes, shoes, handbags and in my case...purse.

I bought Bonia purse for my wife.

Wanna know how the purse look like?

Just when I thought my mission for the day would be an utter failure, a glimmer of light appeared out of nowhere (war~so damn dramatic meh?). It was the light reflected off the handbags exhibited in the Bonia Specialty Store. The moment I set my foot in...I knew I the perfect purse for my wife was near. My search came to an end when I finally discovered the purse that I know my wife would love. Bonia really has a lot of choices for their purse huh. The design very chic and classy at the same time. However it didn't take me long to narrow down the selections and zoomed in at that elusive purse.

Behold~the pink Bonia purse my wife received.

The rear view of the purse.

Lots of cards can be placed inside aye.

Ample space to put cash and receipts.

I believe this zip-able part here is for coins storage?

Bonia's seal of quality!

Aww...even I love the look of this logo.

Yupe! This is how my wife's brand new Bonia's purse looks like. I love the design-simple but yet classy. The   full-pink leather-finish really gives this Bonia purse an elegant touch. I love the texture of the purse as well. Flip open the purse and you will be greeted with the "ample" space provided, complete with zip-able compartment. Ha :D So does my wife loves it? I think so because she didn't scold me nor try to kill me for spending a few hundred ringgit to buy this purse. Her eyes gleamed and she was all smile when she received her Bonia purse. Priceless!

Here's your new Bonia purse. I want kiss~kiss~

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