Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Nourishing Dinner At Tang Shifu Restaurant

The very first Tang Shifu (汤师夫) in Malacca has been opened for quite some time now. But only recently my wife and I had the opportunity to have our nourishing dinner cooked by Tang Shifu. We have always seen people dining in this rather exquisite restaurant. Finally it was our turn to be seen under the dazzling chandelier while making our orders. Ha :D What's so special about Tang Shifu? I think most of the food here are supposed to be nourishing.

Our gingeriffic appetizer. Ha :D

So does all the food served here are healthy? I am not sure I have the answer...but it is really nourishing all right. You can choose from a wide selection of food and beverage to suit your demanding taste buds. I am sure those are health-conscious will be loving all the food here. Most of the dishes and soup were specially cooked with traditional Chinese herbs. If you think that some of the herbs are bitter and the dishes produced would not be to your liking, worry not. In fact it tasted quite OK.

Stewed Pork with Dang Gui.

Sea cucumber.

Herbal eggs.

My wife and I ordered only 3 dishes as we had eaten something earlier on before coming to Tang Shifu. Our first nourishing fattening dish was Stewed Pork cooked with Dang Gui. Honestly...the whole dish was tasty but the meat was not tender. Up next was our sea cucumber tonic soup. This dish was way better compared to the earlier one. However my wife and I were a bit disappointed as the portion of the dish was rather too little. Besides that we also had 3 herbal eggs to compliment the other 2 dishes. :)

The Autumn Flower Tea that my wife and I enjoyed.

You would be surprised if I tell you that both my wife and I enjoyed our beverage more than our dishes. You can say that our whole dining experience at Tang Shifu was salvaged by the Autumn Flower Tea that we ordered. Both of us really enjoyed our Autumn Flower Tea. We were utterly impressed by its fragrance and smooth texture. Aww...delightful. All in all it was a pleasant dining experience for my wife and I at Tang Shifu. Should you dine at Tang Shifu? I believe it depends on the chefs who are working at Tang Shifu.

Should you dine in Tang Shifu? (With my eyes closed)...Hmm....

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