Thursday, June 30, 2011

My 1st Optimus Prime-With Push Button Conversion!

Today I am going to unveil my very first Optimus Prime! This awesome Optimus Prime was given to me by my best buddy when we went for our seminar in KL. He bought this special Optimus Prime for me because it was my birthday. I am touched to know that he secretly bought this without my knowledge. If I had known, of course I would stop him from wasting his money. Ha :D Then again thank you for grabbing me the leader of Autobots!

My very first Optimus Prime!

Optimus is waiting for me to activate him.

Behold~leader of the Autobots!

Ready to roll now Optimus?

Now why is this Optimus Prime of mine so darn special? Well...for starters it is my birthday gift~mah. OK! OK! This Optimus Prime is special because it can transform with just a touch of a button....literally. :p Once you hit the so-called "Activator" button, Optimus Prime will transform from the enormous truck into its robot mode! Yep. Once the button on top of the truck is pressed, the hood will snapped and reveal Prime's head. A little twist and turn here and there...voila~you will get the leader of Autobots majestically standing right in front of you.Watch Optimus in action!

Watch how Optimus Prime transform.

Notice the Autobot button on top? Hit it!

Then the hood will snap open.

You need to twist and turn a bit...

Optimus Prime.

He looks awesome from any angle!

"Are you ready to fight?"

I really, really love this special Optimus Prime of mine. Especially the part where I hit the button and it transform. It makes me feel like I am a little kid again. :p I think this is a pretty cool idea from Hasbro to conceive transformers with instant transformation button aka the activators. So have any of you bought an Optimus Prime already? Well this 1st Optimus Prime of mine is the second Transformers being featured in my blog after Bumblebee. Wanna meet the other Optimus Prime?

More of Optimus Prime will be coming soon...

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